Staley Agriservice going strong in Saline County

Friday, March 14, 2014
Channel seed products at Staley's Agriservice, located just past Cargill on Highway 20 west in Marshall. (Kelly Melies/Democrat-News)

Starting a business can have its challenges. With a little hard work and dedication, it can be rewarding and prosperous as Craig Staley, owner and operator of Staley Agriservice, Inc., has proven since July when he opened for business.

"I've wanted to own my own business for some time now and finally found a product I truly believe in," Staley said. "I've been in the agricultural business for 10 plus years and on the management side of the food industry for 15 years."

Staley offers products and services through Channel, which specializes in corn and soybeans. Channel has been the fastest growing seed corn company in the U. S. for the past three years, according to information provided by Staley.

Staley Agriservice uses this equipment to provide crop treatment for its customers. (Kelly Melies/Democrat-News)

"They also provide Channel field check up series, which allows the Channel seedsman to work with growers throughout the growing season to monitor crop progress and provide growers with the expert advice and customized service to optimize the their farm's success," he said.

Staley said this is done via Seedsman360 which gives the seedsman the ability to search the Internet for information and download to a report, document scouting, take pictures and email reports right out of the field to the growers.

"I think it's important to take advantage of this service so that growers can have a piece of mind that someone else is watching their fields as well. In the end, it's my job to help my customers increase their bottom line and this is just one tool to help achieve that goal," Staley said.

Seed delivery equipment to help Staley Agriservice provide quality service to its customers. (Kelly Melies/Democrat-News)

Through these products and services, Staley operates a pretty wide area.

"We serve Saline County. It's our primary area. We also stretch as far as Versailles, Bunceton, Prairie Home and as far west as Higginsville," Staley said.

He began the business by himself and has since added Kurtis Gregory, a local farmer who helps out when time allows. Staley said just in the few months he has been in business, he has seen his business grow even though the Channel products and services are not very well known in this area.

"We've more than doubled sales this year and I expect to see that throughout the next year and the following year," Staley said. "I'm looking to possibly add another location down the road as I know I can't serve everybody from one location. I know I have to branch out."

He is currently installing an automated treated system so that he can offer full treatment service on soybean and wheat. He also carries the AgriMaxx Brand to help round out Staley's services.

Grain-Weigh equipment Staley Agriservice uses as part of his effort of quality service and support for its customers. (Kelly Melies/Democrat-News)

"I'm investigating into carrying cover crops as well as soil testing," he said. "I want to differentiate myself from other dealers in the area."

For more information, contact Craig Staley at 660-202-7735 or by email at, or contact Kurtis Gregory at 660-886-0115 or Staley Agriservice, Inc. is located off Highway 20 west, just past Cargill.

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