Marshall FFA week proves to be a success

Monday, March 10, 2014

National FFA week was celebrated Feb. 16-22. The Marshall FFA chapter kicked off the week by going to Snow Creek in Weston, Mo. on Monday, Feb. 17. There were approximately 53 members and advisers who attended. Snow Creek is a place where people can go snow tubing, skiing and snow boarding; but for those who went to Snow Creek, they only went tubing. It was a great day to be outside having fun.

Tuesday was muddy truck and camo day. There were many members who participated. On Wednesday, it was official dress day and members wore official dress to school. An appreciation breakfast was held in honor of all community members who support the Marshall FFA. The food was prepared by Saline County Career Center culinary arts students and Marshall FFA officers served everyone. A scavenger hunt took place after school for FFA members. A group of members worked together in the scavenger hunt in order to solve clues which lead to different businesses. The scavenger hunt was very fun.

Thursday was Western day. There were many members who participated by wearing Western attire. Click-it-Safety was also a highlight of the day. Click-it-Safety surveyed the number of people driving to Marshall High School who wore seatbelts. The survey was conducted at the Saline County Career Center and high school parking lot entrances. Everyone who wore seatbelts received a brochure and a piece of Life Saver candy, while T-shirts were given out at random. Those who did not wear seatbelts received a brochure and a Dum Dum sucker.

After all the information was gathered, it was discovered 64 percent wore seatbelts and 36 percent did not wear seatbelts. The results were good but there is hope that the number of those who did not wear seatbelts goes down.

Friday was a very busy day for the FFA chapter. Not only was it tractor day, there was also a reward trip for those who have maintained good grades. There were 47 members who attended the trip to the Western Farm show in Kansas City.

Friday night was the annual dodge ball tournament, which enjoyed a huge turnout and took place at Marshall High School from 6 to 8 p.m. Eighth grade FFA students were invited to attend. Before the tournament began, FFA officers spoke about the various activities in which FFA sponsors and about the benefits of joining FFA.

On Sunday, Feb. 23, a three-on-three basketball tournament and lock-in was held at Bueker Middle School. The basketball tournament started at 1 p.m. and concluded about 3 p.m. The lock-in followed from 3 to 4:30 p.m. There were 12 teams signed up to play in the tournament.

In order to play in the tournament there had to be either one girl or one boy on a team of three and the cost was $6. The money collected was donated to the local Special Olympics female basketball team to compete in New Jersey at a national competition. The overall winning team of the tournament were the Ag Life All-Stars. The team consisted of Kayla Elson, Bryce Breshears, and Josh Petzoldt.

Following the basketball tournament, the cooperation lock-in began. Each member was placed on a different team. The lock-in consisted of various team building activities including tug-a-war, barrel racing, calf roping, peddle tractor racing, hillbilly golf, ring the duck toss, block picture, Nerf gun target hitting and member guiding.

To make it more fun, barrel racing was not done with barrels and a horse. It was done with three cones and a stick horse. Each member of the team had to ride the stick horse around the cones as fast as possible to get the best time.

Calf roping was a challenge for most of the teams. This was due to the fact that most of the members had never used a lasso, not to mention use it to rope a dummy calf. However, there were a few members who were able to rope successfully.

The peddle tractor racing was hilarious. High school students attempted to peddle tractors down a hallway in a race. In hillbilly golf, PCV piping is used and the game pieces are two balls on each end of a string which is thrown to wrap around various bars for a certain number of points. For ring the duck toss, there was a row of duck decoys and FFA members had to throw diving rings around the duck's necks. It was challenging for most of the members.

The block picture game consisted of a team looking at a picture of blocks and then recreate the image by only allowing one member at a time to place one block on the table. In the Nerf gun target hitting game, a team member had to wear a welding helmet and aim the Nerf gun at two-liter bottles. Another member of that same team had to tell the blind member where to aim just by speaking. There was a lot of success in this game.

The last activity in which a lot of members enjoyed was the member guiding game. One member had to get down on all fours with a blind fold over the eyes. Then another member on the same team had a pig stick and had to guide the member on the ground through an obstacle course.

Most of these activities were good learning experiences for the members. Some of these games taught patience, respect, trust and listening skills. Overall, the week was a great success and full of fun.