New Ag adviser in Marshall

Thursday, February 20, 2014

This year, the Marshall FFA attained a brand new adviser! Right out of Mizzou, Mrs. Brock joined our advisory team alongside Mrs. Dobbins and Mr. Plattner. She has kept her classes as busy as possible.

Her Ag Science 1 classes made washer sets, which were great presents for Christmas. The project also helped the students learn the basics of wood working.

Her Small Animal Care class is conducting a debate over "if all companion animals should be spayed or neutered." Most people don't think about this topic being such a heated subject to discuss, but after a few minutes of hearing other students' views, a strong opinion on the matter is developed.

Last, but not least, Mrs. Brock's Farm Management class was busy setting up fruit sale nights to help our chapter reach the goal of $55,000 in fruit sales, which was accomplished for the first time this year.

She is also planning to begin a project within that class where they will be creating their own business, and explaining how they will produce and promote their product. Mrs. Brock is definitely keeping her students busy throughout the year, and plans to keep the classroom just as fun and exciting for the years to come.

She believes that FFA and Agriculture skills better prepare students for the future, therefore, get involved and stay active! She promises you will have fun in all Ag classes; more importantly they will make a positive difference in your life.