Marshall FFA members introduce themselves

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Michenna Adams
I am Michenna Adams, the daughter of Mike and Kim Adams. I am a freshman at Marshall High School. I plan to work at the MO State Fair this summer for my SAE. I am enrolled in Ag Sci 1 and received my Greenhand Degree in November. My favorite thing I've learned in class was our unit on cow diseases. That was really interesting.

At the State Fair I will work in Admissions. That is where we check people for their tickets at the gate. It lasts every day of the fair. I will most likely be working the morning shift like I did this previous summer.

My Ag Sci 1 teacher is Mrs. Brock. She does fun activities with the class to help us understand what we're learning. She also gives us board work questions every day at the beginning of class. These questions are usually tricky and cause us to think for ourselves which is a great life skill.

To get the Greenhand Degree, one of the requirements was to memorize the FFA Creed. We recited each paragraph in class until we had the whole Creed memorized. I had fun learning the Creed, and at the Degree Ceremony, I presented the first paragraph to the audience.

The cow disease unit was very interesting but also kind of gross. I enjoy analyzing and understanding new things such as this. In class, we paired up and studied a specific disease and presented it to our classmates.

I look forward to working at the MO State Fair this summer. I also look forward to being able to learn new concepts in my Agriculture class. Mrs. Brock makes learning fun and I enjoy her class very much.

Ethan Albrecht
My name is Ethan Albrecht and I am a freshman. I am the son of David and Anjy Albrecht. My SAE is going to be lawn mowing in the spring and summer. I mow lawns for my parents and my neighbors. I am in Mrs. Brock's Ag Science 1 class this year. I received my Greenhand Degree this year. Earning the degree was really special because I would like to move forward with FFA in all my years at Marshall High School.

I have learned many things in my Ag class this year. My favorite thing to learn in class was the different types of meat cuts. I enjoyed this because I remember when my dad told me he had to memorize them in college. I also enjoyed going into the shop and making washer boxes. I like going into the shop because I think it's fun to make things.

I participated in a few FFA events this year. I liked selling fruit this past fall. It was fun because I knew the people I sold to enjoyed the products.

Daniel Arends
My name is Daniel Arends. My parents Dave Arends and Stacie Krannig. My dad and I live in Miami, Missouri. My mom now lives in Grand Rapids Michigan. I like animals, hunting, fishing, and playing Football. I am enrolled in Ag Construction and Conservation and resources. My favorite Ag class is Ag Construction. I've learned how to weld in different angle and use different welders. In conservation I learned how to identify trees and find there DBH. My SAE project is in placement for Dairy Queen and work Pioneer Hi-bred Inc. I hope in the future I can go to college and become a welder. My best experience is when I went to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. My favorite song is Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi. My favorite quote is "A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval" - Mark Twain.

Jessica Beasley
My name is Jessica Beasley and my parents are Randy and Laura Beasley. I am a sophomore, enrolled in Ag 2 with Mr. Plattner and I currently have my FFA chapter degree. We have learned about soils, plant ID, and seeds. In soils, we learned about the different types of soils and how to identify their characteristics in order to determine their richness or poorness for planting or some other use. During plant identification, we had to identify common and more complicated types of weeds and their seeds. Another unit we learned about seeds and how to judge them.

For my SAE project, I used working at pioneer over the summer. I learned about how to pollinate different types of corn plants and different ways to pollinate them. I learned how to self-pollinate, cross pollinate from one side of a range to the other of MPs and cross one row of IPTs with another. I've been to many FFA activities like chapter meetings, the jackpot show, the MVC rodeo, national convention, state convention, participated in fruit sales and made over $500, competitions for contest teams, the Houston mull dinner, green hand and chapter degree ceremony, and the FFA chapter banquet in May. My overall favorite activity was going to national convention because you get to meet a lot of new people and see so many new things and have a lot of new experiences.

I have received the green hand and chapter degree and been awarded the star green hand degree. I have held the office of assistant secretary for my chapter in the classroom setting. The reason I think others should join the FFA and take an Ag based class is because you get to learn so many new things and have lots of new experiences that you could potentially apply to the outside world and help develop the world around them.

Dustin Blankenship
My name is Dustin Blankenship and I am a member of the Marshall FFA chapter. My grandparents, the people I live with, names are Connie and Richard Pratt. My SAE is cutting and selling firewood. I don't intend to make a full blown business with this in the future, but I intend to keep it as long as I'm in high school. The agricultural class that I am enrolled in is Agricultural Business & Economics. My favorite subject that I have learned would be what we are covering at the moment, agricultural sales. This is a contest that we will be competing in the future. My favorite activity would be the dodge ball tournament that our chapter hosts every year. It's a fun event that is a good way to get younger students to join our chapter. Our chapter still has much to offer besides the tournament however, that is why I strongly urge others to join and also why I am proud to be a FFA member.

Bryce Breshears
My name is Bryce Breshears and my parents are Darren and Shelby Breshears. I am in the 10th grade this year and currently hold my chapter degree. This year I am enrolled in Ag Science 2 and small animal care/advanced livestock production. So far this year in Ag Science 2, we have learned about agronomy as well as soils. In small animal care/advanced livestock production, we have learned how to care for and maintain the health of small animals. We have also learned how to breed and raise livestock. I chose to use trapping for my SAE. I started trapping four years ago and have expanded since then. I currently have around 150 traps that I use to catch animals such as raccoons, coyotes, bobcats, foxes, muskrats, otters, and beavers. We are nearing the end of trapping season and I have caught 79 raccoons, 8 coyotes, 1 bobcat, 16 muskrats, 5 beavers, and 2 otters. After I catch an animal, I dispatch it and skin it out. When I get a lot of furs, I take them to the fur buyer and sell them. I have sold one time this year and made $800 and I am getting ready to sell again. I have participated in many FFA activities including monthly meetings, trapshooting events, cornhusking, barn warming, and float building. My favorite activity is cornhusking because we get to work and help judge the cornhuskers. Also after the event was over we got to compete against our friends at cornhusking. I have received two major awards in FFA including top gun award and top rookie award for trapshooting. People should join the FFA because there are many opportunities linked to the FFA and it is a lot of fun to be in.

Ethan Borgman
Hello my name is Ethan Borgman. I'm the son of Mark and Diane Borgman. I'm a Junior at Marshall High School. I have my chapter degree ceremony and am currently in two Ag classes, Ag Construction and Conservation. In conservation, we have learned several different things. We have learned about fish and where they live. We talked about their life cycles, how big they get. In Ag Construction, we have learned SMAW (stick welding) and GMAW (wire fed). As first years, we had to weld different ways with different rods to learn welding. We are currently building grills/smokers that are made of 55 gallon drums. They are fun but difficult to make.

For my SAE, I work for my dad and his business, Borgman Soil and Trenching. I help trench and build terraces. I usually get in the trench and will hook the tile together. Sometimes I get to run the dozer for some things. We do all our own surveying and I'm learning how to do it some so I can help with that. We will also build ponds every once in a while for people.

I have done several activities. I am on the trap team and we go to several competitions. I go to several meetings every year. I've been on the FFA float, went snow tubing, been to state for soils, etc. My favorite is trap shooting. I really like hunting and shooting guns so being on the trap team is nice because we have practice once a week in the warmer months.

I've received two proficiency awards, my greenhand degree and my chapter degree. I have not held any office yet. Others should join FFA because it is really fun. We do a lot of activities and take a lot of trips. It also looks good on college applications when applying for college.

Jacob Bosley
Hello my name is Jacob Bosley. My parents are Jr and Shirley Bosley. I am currently in the tenth grade. I have my chapter degree that's all I can receive right now. My Ag classes I am in are Small Animal Care/Advance Livestock and Ag Science 2.

I have learned in Ag this year about soil and hay in Ag 2. In small animal care, I have learned a lot of new things about dogs, cats, and rabbits, and now in advance livestock, we're learning about animals that we learned about in Ag 1. My SAE project is beef production and working for a local farmer in Saline County.

My favorite FFA activity would have to be FFA week. During FFA week, you are busy and always being active, from muddy truck day to tractor day, we do it all. The major reward that I have received in FFA was the most active freshman. You should join FFA because you will learn about everyday life in a different point of view. You don't have to be a farmer to join FFA. That doesn't matter, you will get treated the same.

Jesse Burton
I am Jesse Burton, a Junior at Marshall High School. I am the precious son of Christina and Bill Burton. My current SAE is working for my family business, Burton Construction. Through my SAE, I do everything from roofing to painting. My plans for the future are to attend State Fair College for two years in order to use my A+, then I plan on attending KCMO for another additional four. I want to major in Architecture and work towards a minor in Interior Design. The only Agricultural class that I am enrolled in is Agricultural Management. My favorite thing about Ag Management so far is the contest season. For the Ag Contest, I am in Ag Sales. My favorite FFA activity is the dodgeball tournaments that takes place.

Bethanie Butts
My name is Bethanie Butts and my parents are Penny and Brent Butts.

I am a sophomore and the FFA degree I currently hold is a chapter degree. The Ag classes I am enrolled in are Ag Science II and Greenhouse. What I've learned in my Ag classes are cation-exchange capacity and in Greenhouse, we learned how to take cutting from different plants. My SAE is raising and breeding rabbits and I currently have ten rabbits. I have 5 bucks and 5 does. I am just starting off but my plan is to breed and sell the offspring. My FFA activity is Barnwarming and it is my favorite activity because you have fun and make more friends. I have not received any major awards in FFA yet. I have not held any offices in the FFA yet. The reason I think other students should join FFA is because of the leadership experience.

Jasmine Carver
I am Jasmine Carver, daughter of Johnathan Carver and Misty Fizer. I'm in Ag Science 1 and my favorite thing I've learned is animal nutrition. Being in the shop is one of my favorite things in Ag and this year we built washer boxes. We've learned about cattle breeds, the creed, and much more. Ag is a lot of fun, and comes with a lot of responsibility. I walked into Ag with not much background knowledge about the actual class, and honestly I'm glad I did. Ag is so much fun, and it's my favorite class of the day. There are many activities you can attend in Ag and honestly being in the Ag class is just a perk of being in FFA. My favorite activities I've attended so far have been Monsanto Safety Days, Barnwarming, and even the monthly meetings. I chose Monsanto Safety Days as one of my favorite activities because it isn't exactly about you having fun. It's about making it fun for the kids who go. So if you're in Ag make the best of it, it's a great class.

Abby Case
My name is Abby Case, the daughter of Charley and Robin Case. My future SAE is planning on working at Monsanto or Pioneer over the summer, then when summer ends, getting a job all year round. In Mrs. Brock's class, we have learned so many things, but the one that's sticks the most is when we learned the cuts of meat of a beef cow. My favorite FFA activity would have to be going to Monsanto for the safety day and showing the little kids the ways of being safe and unharmed. Little Lunkers would have to been a cool one too, getting out of school first thing in the morning and helping little kids was great. The weather wasn't that good, but it still was a successful day.

Aubbrey Case
My name is Aubbrey Case. I am the daughter of Kari Mann and Jason Case. My SAE for Ag Science 1 will be to start and maintain a garden. My favorite unit has been the beef unit. I enjoyed learning about the different types of cattle. My favorite activity was the Leadership Conference we had at the beginning of the school year.

Brandon Cline
I got started on my SAE project my freshman year of high school when a guy from my community was looking for help on his farm. I chose to help him because not only would I be making money, but this would also make a great SAE project for my FFA Chapter. Working there for two years has helped me learn a lot of skills and competencies. I have learned to fully operate a dozer, a backhoe and other machinery. Not only is it machinery that I have learned to operate, but I even help build ponds and terraces too. I know how to calculate the slopes and landscape of the terrace and do the entire math before we start digging. I lay the tile in the ground and cover it back up as well. I have even learned how to weld and fix equipment when things break down. Learning all of this has helped me make the decision to keep my job and not work anywhere else. I enjoy the farm skills every day when I go to work and it has helped me to like work and like the farm a lot more. As I gain more knowledge on the farm, I like it more and more each day, which makes me want to take a career in agriculture, which is why I continue to stay in FFA. I get to meet many farmers around the community and help a lot of people out when they need it, which makes me feel good when I go to sleep at night. A lot of people know me around the area and know that I am a hard worker and have asked me to help them as well.

Along with this being a job, it makes a great SAE project for my FFA Chapter. I have won in my Placement Area both years at my FFA banquet and want to continue that streak for the remaining two years that I have left. Knowing exactly what my SAE project is has also helped me answer questions for other members, especially freshman, when they ask me about an idea for their SAE or need help with anything. I also know what people are talking about when they start to talk about their farms and I can join in the conversation and know what I am talking about.

My future plan with this SAE project is to one day have a farm of my own that I can fully operate by myself and know exactly what needs to be done to it and when it needs to be done. I would like to go to college at the University of Missouri and go for a career in Agriculture Journalism. If that doesn't happen, then I would like to return back to my community and start running a farm and start having crops of my own.

I am currently the Assistant Secretary of our chapter and will run for office again next year, and will also run for an Area office. I have been an active member since my freshman year and have been to State FFA Convention both my freshman year and sophomore year. I do as many contest teams as I can and do as many speeches as I can to make me a better speaker. For the upcoming freshman, I would suggest they get involved in FFA. It really helps you know who you are and what you want to do with your future, and it helps you come out of your shell. Plus the friends you make in FFA will be lifelong friends, in and out of school.

Jacob Crusha
I am Jacob Crusha. I am the son of Lisa Topel. This year my SAE is going to be working at DuPont Pioneer. I plan to do the same SAE through my high school career. I am in Ag Science; my favorite thing I have learned is the beef unit. It is a very large unit and very interesting. My favorite activity is the Little Lunkers. It taught little kids to fish and how fun it is.

Shannon Daniel
My name is Shannon Daniel. My parents are Jennifer and Lloyd Daniel. I don't have an SAE yet, but I will hopefully in the summer time. I'm in Ag Science 1. My favorite thing I've learned was the creed. It was fun. I'm not sure of the activities of the year because I moved and came back in the middle of it all so I missed out on a lot and don't really know what they've planned. But hopefully next year will be different!

Jacob Davis
Hello everybody, my name is Jacob Davis. I am the son of Kim and Jerry Davis. This year I am a senior in high school. The current degree I hold in FFA is my Chapter Degree. I am currently enrolled in Ag Construction. This year I have learned a lot in this class. I have learned how to improve my welding capabilities and metal fabrication skills. I have learned about Mig, Tig, SMAW, and Oxy Fuel welding.

My SAE is working around local farms doing various things. I do some regular farm work such as feeding cows and helping give the cows yearly vaccinations and care. I also do other things like construction work and metal recycling, it is tough work, but not everything in life is easy.

A few activities I have participated in are Barnwarming, State Convention, and Fruit Sales, just for a few examples. My favorite event I have participated in was National Convention. You get to go on a long trip and meet new people and make lots of friends on the way.

FFA is a good experience and I really recommend others to join FFA. FFA will teach you tons of skills that you can use every day. It will teach you responsibility and make you ready to handle real world challenges. It is a good organization to join and I recommend others to take part in FFA any chance you get.

Logan Davis
My name is Logan Davis, and I am a sophomore with my chapter FFA degree. My parents, Andy and Wendy Davis, have encouraged me in many of my agricultural pursuits. I have taken Ag Science I, and currently I am enrolled in Ag Science II. Some things we have worked on this year are plant and seed ID, soils, record books, and proficiency award/State degree applications. My main SAE project is working for my grandfather on the farm. I help him out with feeding cattle, working on machinery, construction, and other chores on the farm. During the school year I work on the weekends, but in the summer, I work for him during the week. I have participated in a few fun FFA activities such as Little Lunkers, FFA week, Barnwarming, contests, and the dodgeball tournament. I like FFA week because you can dress up, have fun, and be crazy all in one week. I believe that FFA is a great organization to be a part of. It gives you a great opportunity to improve leadership and public speaking skills. You can also learn new things about agriculture that many people don't know. I believe that any student can join FFA, no matter their experience in agriculture, because there is always room for new knowledge.

Skyler Drake
My name is Skyler Drake. My parents are Ron and Rose Drake. I've lived in Marshall my entire life. My future SAE is to work a part of my dad's land to grow soybeans or corn. I'm in Ag Science I with Mrs. Brock.

My favorite thing I've learned so far this year is about the beef industry and how much work they put into it to make it as humane and clean as possible. My favorite activities I've participated in so far is Monsanto Safety Days and Little Lunkers, working with the little kids was fun and seeing them have fun while fishing and learning about safety was a lot more fun than school.

Kenzie Dunlap
Hello, my name is Kenzie Dunlap and I am the daughter of Stuart and Judy Dunlap. I am in Ag Science 1, and my teacher is Mrs. Brock. My SAE project will be planting a garden. In this class, we have learned many things, but I really liked when we learned about the different breeds of cattle. Who would have ever thought that there were that many breeds? Well I guess you will never know unless you take this class. I also enjoyed learning about Temple Grandin. Temple is autistic and she also invented many things that involve cattle and many other things.

This year we have done many activities in FFA, but my all time favorite would have to be Barnwarming. Barnwarming is a fun time to get together with your friends and have a lot of fun dancing and playing games. My experience this year at Barnwarming was really fun and I can't wait to have another experience the following years that come.

Kayla Elson
Hi! My name is Kayla Elson, and I am currently a senior at Marshall High School. I am the daughter of Mendell and Anita Elson. We live on our family farm east of Miami. Farming has been in my family for five generations. For as long as I can I remember, my life has been immersed in agriculture. I was the girl who rode with Dad in the combine and tractor, and loved every minute of it. I always helped around the farm doing little jobs, but I wanted to do more. Once I got to high school and joined the FFA, I was finally able to make the change I had been waiting for. My Supervised Agricultural Experience consists of renting land and equipment from my dad to produce row crop corn and soybeans.

In all my time spent with Dad, there were still several practices I wasn't aware of. He taught me many important aspects to our farming operation. I learned the importance of conducting field soil tests which allowed for the proper application of needed nutrients, chemicals, and fertilizers. We narrowed the field rows to increase spacing between plants to ensure a more productive population. Lastly, I learned the ability to keep accurate records of all expenses and revenue which has allowed me to increase profits by knowing the cost of production and breakevens. All of these practices together have helped me improve my field management and production.

Running the tractor to plant, and then the combine to harvest, seemed simple enough. Once I became more involved with the farm by renting land, I realized there was a lot more to it than meets the eye. We converted our fields from 30-inch rows to 20-inch rows, which greatly improved overall yields. Spacing between each plant was increased, allowing for the plant to better utilize sunlight and soil nutrients, while decreasing plant to plant competition. I decided to run GPS systems in the tractor and in the combine during planting and harvest. When I planted my crops, the GPS tracked the pattern I ran, the population in each area, and then saved the information. When I harvested in the fall, the GPS mapped yield production as I progressed through the field. Dark green areas were high yielding while orange and red areas were lower. This record of information helped me to plan how to address any problems in my field, such as a low yielding area. Conducting a soil test in that area of my field was a solution, so I knew how many nutrients were present as well as the overall ground condition. In my second year of production I started conducting GPS grid based soil tests. The samples are pinpointed by GPS on a 2.5 acre square across the entire field. The samples are sent off to be tested, and the results provide me with exact amounts of the nutrient levels of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. The rate of application of fertilizer is determined by the grid results for each specific 2.5 acre square which increases the crop yield while decreasing unnecessary fertilizer expense. All of the practices I have learned from my dad have helped me become a better manager of my crop production, allowing me to produce at the highest standards.

For the past several years I have accompanied my dad on many short business trips. In 2010, I went to a Mycogen seed meeting in Columbia and learned about new hybrids they've produced. I plant Mycogen seeds, and it was beneficial to learn about the different plants, as well as interesting. In 2011 and 2013, I went to an all day conference in St. Charles with my dad for the Lewis Seed Company, which was about marketing and agronomy. This conference informed me of new crop traits, the development of chemicals to meet the needs of resistant weeds, and the ever-problematic water hemp invasion.

I have set many goals for my project and myself. My project related goals I had previously set were to rent more acres, operate the machinery for planting, harvest, and other field work by myself, attend business and seed meetings with my dad, and stay caught up with all of my record keeping. I managed to meet all of these goals in the three years I've had my SAE. I started out with 12 acres of soybeans and 15 acres of corn my first year, and last fall harvested 67 acres of soybeans and 112 acres of corn for my third year. My future project goals are to continue to help my dad with the farm throughout the summer, and maintain the recordkeeping while I'm at college. My personal goals include furthering my education by attending a four year college. Currently, I am accepted to attend Northwest Missouri State University in the fall with a major in Agronomy. I plan to graduate from NWMSU with a BS in Agronomy, and then attend grad school to earn a Masters in Biochemistry. With my education I want to pursue a career as a crop geneticist, and work with a research company such as Monsanto or DOW AgroSciences.

I have been in the Agriculture Education program for four years. I decided to become a part of the Ag Ed program so that I could be a member of FFA, and expand my knowledge of agriculture. I knew my sister was in it and enjoyed FFA, so I wanted to have the same opportunity. There was nothing more exciting than being able to put on a blue corduroy jacket for the first time, one that had my name stitched on the front. That happened my freshman year when I took Agriculture Science 1. Ever since my first year of FFA I have stuck with it and become very involved in the development of the chapter, and I now serve as the 2013-2014 Marshall FFA Vice President. My sophomore year I took Agriculture Science 2, followed by Ag Leadership and Advanced Crop and Livestock Production my junior year. As a senior I am taking Conservation and Natural Resources and Ag Leadership. I currently hold my Chapter Degree, and will applying for my State Degree in a few weeks.

There are so many activities to go to and opportunities available in the FFA. In the summer of 2012, I was blessed to be able to go to the national Washington Leadership Conference in Washington D.C. It was definitely a life changing experience where I was able to meet new, life-long friends, and really get to know myself as well. WLC is hands down my favorite activity overall. This is an event I encourage all FFA members to attend. However, this trip wouldn't be possible without all of the community members and businesses that support our chapter and members in order for them to attend.

Career Development Events are one of the best things to look forward to in the spring. My freshman year I was on the Horse Evaluation team -- I was so happy because I love horses! -- where I placed 16th individual at Districts, and 4th place at the State level. I also was in Division 1 Prepared Public Speaking placing 3rd at Districts, and 6th at State. My sophomore year I was on the Agronomy team. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I really enjoyed this contest, which led me to consider my desired profession in the area. At Districts I placed 7th, and 49th at State. I continued with Division 2 Public Speaking and placed 3rd in Area. Junior year I was a member of the Agriculture Issues team. We presented the issue of whether or not corn should be used for the production of ethanol. Our well-discussed presentation earned us 2nd place at state. This year I hope to be a member of the Forestry team.

Our chapter banquet is a night to recognize everyone's accomplishments and wrap up our FFA year. For three years I have received the chapter Leadership Award and Scholarship Award. In 2011, I won Star Greenhand and was 3rd Place High Point Individual for freshman. In 2012, I won 1st place High Point for sophomores, as well as juniors the following year. That summer I attended State FFA Camp and earned my State FFA Leadership pin. Junior year I won Star Chapter Farmer in ownership, and 1st place top point for juniors. At the 2012 Area 6 banquet I won my first proficiency award: 3rd place for Fiber and/or Oil Crop Production Ownership/Placement. In 2013 I won 1st place for Diversified Crop Production Ownership, and 2nd place in Fiber and/or Oil Crop Production Ownership/Placement. For the past three years I have represented the chapter at National Convention for national awards: in 2011 for being a Model of Innovation in Student Development, and in 2012 and 2013 for being named a Model of Excellence. I love being such an active member of our chapter, and helping it develop to best serve the rest of our members.

To those who don't really know about Agriculture Education or the FFA, and aren't really sure if it's something for you, let me tell you that it is one of the best choices you'll ever make if you take Ag Science 1 your freshman year. The FFA opens the door for so many incredible opportunities in life. You develop character, social skills, leadership skills, and make life-long friends. You become part of one of the largest school organizations in the country, and most importantly you become part of the FFA family. Get involved, meet new people, enjoy getting to go to fun activities, leadership conferences, State and National Convention, and participate in contests. You'll have the time of your life in FFA!

Quiz Falls
My name is Quiz Falls. I am a sophomore in high school. My mother is Jeanine Falls. My highest degree I hold is the chapter degree. I am enrolled in Ag Science 2. In Ag 2, we have learned hay, and soils, and many other things. My favorite FFA activity would be the March FFA meeting in where we have speaking contests.

Christian Fawkes
My name is Christian Fawkes. My parents are Tonya Holder and Carter Fawkes, and my SAE is beekeeping. As of right now, I have three beehives and thousands of bees.

In my first year, we extracted 18 12-ounce jars of honey from them and sold out at the last farmers market. My future goal for this SAE is after I leave high school to continue working on them and maybe get two or three more hives. Eventually I want to start getting a lot more honey to sell.

I am currently enrolled in the agriculture class Animal Science with Mrs. Brock.

My favorite things learned this year was everything about the cats and dogs. We learned how many bones were in each animal and what different diseases each animal can get and how to cure them, or the best treatment for it.

Kayla Garrison
My name is Kayla. My parents are John and Michele Garrison. My SAE is caring for my rabbits. I am enrolled in an Ag Science 1 class. My teacher is Mrs. Brock. My favorite thing I have learned about so far was learning about cattle. My favorite activity so far was Barnwarming.

My SAE project is going good. I have three rabbits now. I have two bucks and one doe. The doe is about to have babies pretty soon. So should have some to sell in a couple months.

Cheyann Griffitt
My name is Cheyann Griffitt. I am the daughter of Brandy and Jodie Griffitt. For my SAE project, I am currently working at Dairy Queen and the Marshall Aquatic Center. I am currently enrolled in several classes at the career center. I am enrolled in Farm Management and Floral Design. In Farm Management, we are getting ready for contest team. In Floral Design, we have been selling Carnations and looking over plants and tools for our contest team. A few of the activities I have attended are National Convention, State Convention, the Houston Mull Cattle Drive, monthly FFA meetings, and the annual dodgeball tournament.

Katelynn Griffitt
My name is Katelynn Griffitt. My parents are Brandy and Jodie Griffitt and I am in 10th grade. I currently hold my chapter degree in FFA. This year I am taking three Ag classes. I took two semester classes, the first one was small animal care and this semester I am taking advanced livestock. I am also enrolled in Ag Science 2.

First semester in small animal care, we learned a lot about dogs, cats, and rabbits. I feel like we went most in depth on cats. Our big project was a cats for dummies booklet. We learned about diseases, bones, muscles, the mouth, eyes, breeds, training, and much more. We learned about dogs and the healthy and unhealthy dog foods. Also, we learned about rabbits. I honestly had a lot of fun in that class and Mrs. Brock was an amazing teacher. Now I am in my second semester in her class which is advanced livestock and our first unit is on the swine industry.

In Ag 2, we have learned about plants, seeds, and now we are learning about soil. In that class, I am the class president. My SAE project is outdoor recreation. I work at the Marshall Aquatic Center as a concession stand worker and also front desk. My favorite FFA activity was National Convention. It was my favorite trip ever. When I was there, I met a lot of new people and still talk to them today. Other students should join FFA because it is a great way to gain leadership skills and meet new people.

Destiny Hackett
Hi, my name is Destiny Hackett. My mom's name is Janice Hackett. What I am doing for my SAE project is photography. My class is Ag Science 1. My favorite thing I have learned was about cows and getting to do posters and slide shows about the cattle. The FFA activities I have been in is the Timber Falls Water Park, float building, the Battle of Marshall parking, fruit sales, and Greenhand award.

Mariah Harper
My name is Mariah Harper, and I am the proud daughter of Lisa Harper. For my SAE , I plan on working at Pioneer this summer and adding on to that, I plan on extending my vegetable gardening. I now attend the class of Ag Science 1 and I am a proud member of the Marshall FFA. My favorite thing I have learned would be my extension on leadership skills. Leadership is a very important thing to me, and I am always working on building my leadership skills stronger. With Ag Science 1 and FFA helping me build my skills in leadership stronger, I as well attend my own role in working hard to make it stronger as well. I have attended many FFA activities. I would have to say, FFA National Convention 2014 was the best FFA activity I have experienced so far in my FFA career. All though National Convention was my favorite activity, I really enjoy all the activities I have experienced that have involved children and helping others in need.

Rachel Heaper
My name is Rachel Heaper and I'm the daughter of John and Paula Harper. I own chinchillas and do work around the house to help my parents. The class I am in is Small Animal Care/Advanced Livestock. The favorite thing I have learned in this class is the nutrition of small animals and how they have certain needs. Some of my favorite FFA activities are the dodgeball and basketball tournament.

Edward Hecke
My mom's name is Stacy Hecke and my dad is Charles Hockaday. My SAE is to cut grass and sell chicken eggs. I am in the class of Ag Science 1. The most favorite thing I learned was the woodworking. My FFA activities are Cornhusking, Barnwarming and that is it.

Brittany Hieronymus
I'm Brittany Hieronymus and my parents are Jamie and Julie Hieronymus. My future SAE will be making pear butter out at my Grandmas. I am in Ag Science 1 and my favorite thing I learned was the different types and builds of beef. Out of all the FFA activities I have attended, my favorite one would have to be Barnwarming

Hunter Hostetter
My name is Hunter Hostetter and I am the son of Dolly and Larry Hostetter. My SAE is mowing lawns. I am in Ag Science I with Mrs. Brock. My favorite thing we have learned about this year is swine. The FFA activities I participated in are chapter meeting, fruit sales, and the Greenhand ceremony.

Jerry Huff
Hi, my name is Jerry Huff and my parents are Cliffton and Kathy Huff. My SAE is mowing lawns. My class is Ag Science 1 and there are fun things to do like build the washer game and learn about pigs and cows. My FFA activities include Fruit Sales and Greenhand degree ceremony.

Kaylee Huskey
My name is Kaylee Marie Huskey. I am the daughter of Christopher Huskey and Susan Parks. I don't have an SAE right now but my future SAE is working on a hog farm. I am in Ag Science one. I decided to join FFA because I like to do hands on things and I can go to competitions and compete with other chapters and have fun. My favorite things I have learned in this class would probably be the cows and notching the ears on pigs. I haven't really attended many activities but I went to the Veterans' assembly because I know people in the military and I support them and I thank everyone for serving for our country. They have made a big difference on our world.

Kodie Hutchings
My name is Kodie Hutchings, and my parents' names are Bob and Christy Underwood.

I am currently a sophomore and I currently hold a chapter degree. I am currently enrolled in Ag Science 2. We recently learned about the cation-exchange capacity of soil. It is important because it is related to soil fertility. My SAE project consists of raising and breeding rabbits. I currently have four does, three bucks and four babies. I sell them butchered or alive. My favorite FFA activities that I have attended are the dodgeball tournament and State Convention. I would have to say that State Convention was my favorite FFA activity, because you were able to interact with other students from different schools. The only award that I have received was the 2013 Small Animal Production and Care Proficiency Award in Entrepreneurship. I currently have not held any FFA offices at this time. I think that other students should join FFA, because you can meet a lot of new people and you gain a great leadership experience.

Luke Jackson
My name is Luke Jackson and I'm the son of Jared and Jeremi Jackson. I am an Ag Science 1 student at Marshall High School. In this class, I have been informed of a great organization called the FFA or Future Farmers of America. In Ag Science 1, I have learned of different livestock and their needs. Take cows, cows are a very big source of food and income for many people. There are different types of breeds. We learned of the weight that calves are weaned at is 500 lbs. This class has taught me a lot that I wouldn't have known had I not taken it. The coolest thing that I learned in this class was about Temple Grandin. Temple Grandin is an Autistic woman who went to college and majored in animal husbandry. Temple helped to design new butcheries to make it more humane for the cows. She believes that if an animal is going to be killed for human use that it shouldn't have to suffer anymore then needed.

Kloie James
My name is Kloie James. My parents are Kami Lawson and Jesse James. I just started at Marshall High School, and so far I really enjoy FFA! I've learned so much from my teacher Mrs. Brock. My SAE project is raising cattle.

My favorite thing I've learned this year is about livestock. I haven't been at Marshall very long, but I am excited for what Mrs. Brock has in store! I think I will learn a lot in Ag Science 1!

Alex Jones
My name is Alex Jones. I am the son of Mark and Stacy Jones. My SAE project is raising cattle at my house and working for my uncles at Jones Brothers Livestock. In the future, I plan on going to the University of Missouri and majoring in agribusiness or something else related in business. I am currently taking Ag Management with Mrs. Brock. My favorite thing I learned this year was learning how to manage certain situations like budgets and other things related to financial situations around a farm. My favorite activity I went to this year was the National Convention in Louisville, Kentucky, and State Convention in Columbia. I also liked going to the dodgeball tournament during FFA week.

Ryan Jones
Hello, my name is Ryan Jones and I am the son of Mark and Stacy Jones. My future SAE is raising, breeding and selling cattle. I don't have cattle now because there is not enough grass so I am waiting until spring. I am in Ag Science 1. Lately in class, we have been talking about pigs and all the different breeds of pigs. But my favorite thing we have talked about in class is cattle, because my family owns a livestock auction so I was raised around cattle. Our next activity coming up is our annual dodgeball tournament, which is schedule for Feb. 21. But my all time favorite activity is our Marshall FFA trap shooting team.

Chadron Koehn
Animals always fascinated me throughout my childhood. When I was seven years old I decided that I wanted to be a veterinarian. Well, to be more precise, I called it a "pet nurse." When I joined FFA as a freshman in high school and heard that every student needed some kind of Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE), I knew immediately what I would like to explore. I wanted to shadow a veterinarian to see the entire behind the scenes work of an animal clinic. I called Saline County Veterinary Service and arranged a shadowing opportunity every Monday and Wednesday after my school day.

Since that first Monday in October 2011, I have learned techniques such as, how to resuscitate newborn puppies, properly restrain large and small animals for vaccinations and identification, drive cattle, clean animals for surgery, prepare bulls for semen testing, feed animals, and many others. I am currently learning how to age cattle. These are all skills that have come from watching and working with Doctors Scott Pfizenmaier and Heidi Broyles, and their great staff.

In January of my sophomore year, I was offered employment with Dr. Pfizenmaier at the Marshall Livestock Auction to enter data on cattle being registered for the sale. I was eager to acquire more large animal experience and it would be my first paid job working for someone other than my parents or family. I accepted his proposal and joined his working team for sales on Fridays and Saturdays. At first, working at the sale barn was a bit of a challenge. I had no idea where any of the pens were or what gate I was supposed to close. Fortunately, I gained that ability after letting only a few cows back into the testing pen. I have improved skills of reasoning, thinking on my feet, and multitasking. I have gained experience working around large animals that I never had access to before. I have learned many facets of veterinary medicine, working with people and animals that I had not even given thought to before I started my SAE. I have learned to appreciate the hard work, care, and constant learning required to be successful in this career.

I plan to continue with my SAE and build on it with more hours during my summer break, offer my volunteer services at the animal shelter, and seek further employment hours working with a rancher or animal owner to extend my knowledge and skills. My future goal is to attend college majoring in biology or animal science and pre-veterinary studies. My FFA SAE has been invaluable to me and my future plans.

Currently I am proud to be the treasurer of the chapter. I am responsible for keeping the records of our account and presenting them in a treasurer's book. I present a report from the account at the monthly meetings. Last year I was the parliamentarian, a position currently filled by Daniel Foose. My duty was to help the president keep the meeting in the proper order.

My favorite FFA activity is definitely our yearly dodgeball tournament. The FFA holds a recruitment event to show eighth graders and older students how fun FFA can be. There is free pizza and soda provided as well. The chaotic matches between two huge teams are always a blast. In the end everyone is a winner and gets to take home a prize courtesy of supportive companies around Marshall.

We have a new event this year that we very excited about as well. The FFA Basketball Tournament is a new charity event to raise money for one of our members who needs funding to enter the Special Olympics. For a small fee, members can create a team with their friends to prove that they have the best skills in the chapter. During this tournament a lock-in will be held with fun team games.

I hold many honors in the FFA that I am thankful for. I have earned my Chapter Degree, two Chapter Leadership awards, two Chapter Scholarship awards and I was on an Agriculture Issues team that made it to group one at state.

The FFA is an amazing organization that expands the abilities of any member willing to try by tenfold. I never would have thought that I would be the treasurer of the number one chapter in the state of Missouri. I also never would have thought that I would stand up and speak before hundreds of people in assemblies and conferences or be driving cattle as a city kid. I would recommend that every student take at least one agriculture class just to try out FFA and see how far they can go. With a little bit of effort the results can astound you.

Kaitlin Land
My name is Kaitlin Land. My parents are Renee Holmes and Thomas Land. I am currently a sophomore at Marshall High School. I currently hold the Chapter Degree. Also, I am currently enrolled in Ag Science 2. This year in Ag I've learned how to do soil profiles, identify seeds and plants. My SAE project is working at Monsanto in the summer. There we will pollinate corn plants. The reason I think students should join FFA is because it's a hands on experience, also, it teaches life lessons and you also gain leadership skills. You meet a lot of new people; it's always a really fun time.

Grant Maupin
My name is Grant Maupin and my padres name is Troy Maupin and my madras name is Karen Maupin. My SAE is I work for myself by bringing my four wheeler or our tractor into town, so if anyone needs any snow removal just give me a call. I plan to have the same SAE throughout my four years of high school. I am in ag 1 and my favorite thing we have learned this year is all the types of meat in a cow. I have been in several FFA activities through out my freshman year of high school.

Jayde Meyer
My name is Jayde Meyer. My parents' names are Bretta and John Gerlt and I am a sophomore. I currently hold a chapter degree and I am enrolled in Ag Science 2 with Mr. Plattner. We have been learning about soil and a how to judge soils and the cation-exchange capacity and soil capacity. I do not know what I am going to do yet for my SAE. I have participated in many events and will participate in the ski trip coming up and FFA week. FFA week is the awesomest week of your life because we do events like snow tubing where we go to snow creek in Kansas City, then we have muddy truck day where we judge the best truck and how muddy it is, then we have official dress day along with a breakfast that day where we have to dress up in our jackets and the rest of our dress we have, then we have western day and we dress up like people from the west, and then we have tractor day and farmer day where we bring tractors to school and everyone dresses up like a farmer that day and we judge who looks the best. We as individuals get our FFA Greenhand degree and then when we get to get a Chapter award. Some students should join FFA because we get to leave school alot and we get to go to contests and other stuff. We get awards, cool jackets and other cool stuff. FFA is the best thing I have ever been involved in, in my life and the most fun thing I have done in our chapter so far was go to National Convention.

Kaitlyn Mikels
My name is Kaitlyn Mikels and my parents are Kevin and Maggie Mikels. In the summer of 2014 I will be starting my SAE for my Ag Science 1 class. For my SAE I will be share-cropping 3 acres of land. With this land, I will be learning how to plant corn and how to harvest it when it is ready to sell. In my Ag Science 1 class, I have learned many amazing things with my amazing teacher Mrs. Brock. Although I have learned many amazing things this year, I would have to say that my favorite thing was learning and memorizing the FFA Creed. I always knew the first paragraph of the FFA creed but I wanted to expand my knowledge of the FFA creed and I got to do that this year. We have also had many FFA activities that I have been very lucky to get to attend. Out of all the FFA activities we have had, my favorite activity to attend was the Monsanto safety day. I loved getting to go to that because I got to spend the day with a bunch of wonderful kids and get to see them learn about safety tips to help keep them safe in case of an emergency or accident.

Kimberly Mikels
Hello my name is Kimberly Mikels and I am the daughter of Kevin and Maggie Mikels. I'm a freshman in Ag Science 1 and for my SAE, I am doing Vegetable Production. I picked Vegetable Production because I love vegetables, gardening and being outside, so I figured why not? For my garden, I am going to be share cropping with my uncle, who is a farmer, so I will get to learn how to grow vegetables and grow them right. I am looking forward to the summer so I can get started!

Before we went on Christmas break, we got to learn how to make washer boxes. Making washer boxes has been my favorite thing that we have learned so far because it was hands on, skills I will be able to use later on in life and fun. I love my washer boxes and look forward to using them in the summer.

I am very glad that I am officially an FFA member. I have attended many FFA activities like the September lunch meeting, the December meeting and the Greenhand Ceremony, Barnwarming, etc, but my favorite FFA activity was the first FFA meeting of the year. I liked this meeting because we had a bunch of different activities like getting in order by our birthday without talking, we raced with eggs on a spoon, tried to see who could jump rope the longest and lots of other activities. The FFA members are another reason that I enjoy FFA activities. We are like a family and I know that I can talk to or ask any of them for help if I need to.

Jake Miller
My name is Jake Miller. My parents are Joe and Julie Miller. My SAE is raising show goats. I raise male and female Boer Goats. I am currently taking Ag Science 1 class. My favorite thing we have learned so far is about livestock. We have learned the body parts of animals and learned many different breeds. My favorite FFA activity was showing at the district fair. The reason it is my favorite activity is because I won grand and reserve champion market goats.

Kinzie Miller
My name is Kinzie Miller. I'm the daughter of Anna and Richard Miller. I'm a proud member of the Marshall FFA, and currently a senior in Marshall High School. I started my SAE (Supervised Agricultural Experience) project my freshman year with our farm, working for exchange of labor, but it has grown since then. I now have our farm and my placement job at Pizza Hut as a server. I chose our farm as my SAE because I had already been working for my parents since we started our small hobby farm. My mother helped me keep records of the animals that we bought, raised, and sold out of our farm. Since everything was already right in front of me, it was only a short amount of time that I started taking advantage of the things my family already had. Although to get my job at Pizza Hut things were a little different, they started around the same way. I had heard about the job opening because my aunt is the assistant manager, after getting the job and going through an interview I started in August of my junior year of high school.

Throughout my years of exchange of labor work on the farm I have earned skills I would have never known if we still lived in town. I have learned how to dehorn goats, trim the hooves of a goat, and butcher chickens, goats, and hogs. There are many more day to day things I have learned how to do while living on a farm. My parents have helped me attain all of these skills. At Pizza Hut, I have learned how to work as a waitress, and take care of the front of the store. My main duties are involving customer service or cleaning tasks in the dining room and/or private room. I work about 20-25 hours a week and normally work the night shift all through the week, and weekends. I detail the bathrooms, private room if it needs to be done, and the side of the dining room however the lists are divided up for that night of work. While at Pizza Hut, I have been taught by the other waitress' or my managers.

After I started working with my parents in helping out on the farm, I started helping with the main management decisions with the animals and barns once I started high school. All the issues we had on the farm I helped make decisions for, or helped decide if we should buy or sell certain animals. Within Pizza Hut I have had many points where I have to make decisions for myself when the managers our busy in the back preparing for customers. I have dealt with customers that are highly unhappy, for various reasons. I have also began dealing with my own register where else is allowed to be in, which means all the responsibility is on me, and can't be blamed if something has gone wrong for that nights money. My job is to make the customer happy, and if I can't do exactly that I have no choice but to get the help of a manager to assist the angry customer. In my placement SAE I haven't had many obstacles; although within the ownership aspect of my SAE there have been a few.

Throughout the past few years we have been weeding out what makes our farm better for us, and what is too difficult to handle. This past year we have gotten rid of our beef and swine on our farm, but have expanded on our poultry section. We currently own different types of goats, and 52 chickens. It is easier on our farm to not have the larger scale animals, and to keep things smaller. With both of these types of animals we have noticed that we get more out of these animals than the ones we had before, whether that means getting more eggs per day, or more milk during the right seasons. Our family farm has helped me decide what kind of career I would like to establish for myself.

I will be attending Northwest Missouri State University in the fall of 2014 and majoring in Agriculture Education. Through FFA and my SAE I have decided this. Later in my life I hope to have a steady job as an Agriculture Education teacher, and to form a small or large farm within my family. When I go off to college my family will still be taking care of the farm, and it will become their SAE project when they get into the Marshall FFA. Hopefully they will be as involved in the FFA as I am.

I've been enrolled in Agriculture Education for four years, and took one semester of Intro to Ag I currently hold the FFA Chapter Degree., I am also the chapter Sentinel for 2013-14. When I first came to high school, I never wanted to be in FFA, or take an Ag class. I thought it was a waste of time, because I already knew everything I needed to know on my farm. Now that I look back on my freshman year, I'm so happy that I didn't drop the class at semester. It has taught me so much, from leadership skills, to making my family's farm more efficient. I haven't taken all the courses I would have liked to complete so far, but I have taken: Ag Science 1, Ag Science 2, Conservation and Natural Resources, Farm Management and Ag Leadership.

I haven't been involved in FFA till junior year, and I regret not being more involved throughout my high school career. I have only been involved in one contest team throughout high school, which was Ag Issues. Even though it was my first contest team we made it to state and got into the finals, leaving with second place we were so close, but yet so far away. I wish that I had been more involved with contests all four years as well as FFA in general. This year I plan to be on the Parliamentary Procedure team, and hope to go as far as I did last year. Some of the major activities I've attended to are National Convention, Missouri FFA Camp, Area Fall Speaking Contest, Huston Mull Trail Ride, and our annual Veteran's Assembly. Out of these, I'd have to say FFA camp was my favorite. It helped me become a better leader in many different ways. If it wasn't for camp, I probably wouldn't have been on the executive committee, which helped me attain the skills to become an officer. My favorite parts of camp were the leadership sessions. In the leadership sessions we got out of our comfort zone and started working with people we didn't know, and present in front of plenty of people. To most people that isn't anything hard, but to me, it was! I have never had to present anything in front of people, besides a book report or speech in front of a small classroom. Although the sessions had us waking up early and going to sleep late, we had tons of time to just spend time with our friends and make new ones!

For my friends who aren't in FFA, most wish they would have joined freshman year. FFA has so much more to offer than just how to better your farming. It shows you great skills you will use lifelong. If it wasn't for my FFA advisers and great friends I've met through FFA, I wouldn't have reached the goals, and made the dreams that I have today. If someone wanted information about Agriculture Education or FFA, I would be sure to tell them about our dedicated advisers, and the great things they teach us about, that will help us later in life. It's always great to have these kinds of skills on your side when you're in the real world.

Drew Mizer
My name is Drew Mizer. My parents are Paul and Brenda Mizer. I am Junior at Marshall High School. I live on a hog, cattle and row crop farm. I got started at a really young age. When I was really young I would always go to work with my dad. When I was six I got my first bottle calf, ever since then I would get more calves to feed. When I got in 8th grade I started to raise light weight heifers. That when I decided I wanted to keep going and start my SAE project, I started to expand a little bit by buying 50 head of pigs, and renting 31 acres from my grandpa. I have learned many skills covering a wide range of things. I can drive just about any piece of equipment that you can find on a farm like a combine, field cultivator and a backhoe. I know how to properly feed pigs and cattle and I can tell if any animal is sick on our farm. I am starting to learn a lot more skills on the mechanic side of things. I started changing the oil in tractors when I was really young and now I am able to do a lot more things. I am starting to help with a lot more important decisions with the farm. When we are sorting pigs I get to help pick out the ones that are big enough or to small to go to market. I am starting to learn more on corn genetics so I can pick out the right product for the right acre. So we can maximize productivity. I also get to pick when I want to buy and sell my cattle on the market. I can also pick when I want to sell my corn and beans to the elevator. I can help my dad tell when the ground is to wet to plant on and I can tell when the seed bed is good or bad or if we need to work the field again.

I have some pretty big future plans I don't know if I can accomplish them but I'm going to try my hardest. I want to go to the University of Missouri for four year and major in Ag System Management then come back to the family farm and be the manager. When I get back I would like to double our farm acres and double our hog productivity. If I can't expand on my pigs I would like to start up and expand my cow herd to where I have 150 cow calf pairs that calve in the spring. I would also like to put all of our grain handling systems on a computer so you can run it from the combine. So I hope I can accomplish most of my goals.

I currently hold an office at the Marshall FFA chapter. I am an assistant reporter. I like being an officer because you learn a lot on how to plan events and it pushes you to maximize all your limits. One thing that has helped me is learning how to talk in front of a big group of people. I have received my chapter degree as a sophomore. When I was a freshman at banquet I was recognized for having the best male SAE project.

Machelle Mullanix
Hi, my name is Machelle Mullanix. I attend the Marshall Ag Science 1 class. My parents are Mindy and Aaron Edman. My future SAE is raising chickens, and selling their eggs. I would also like to show horses. In FFA we have learned many things. One of my favorite things to learn in this class was cattle; I've never had cattle, only horses. But they seem very interesting and there was a lot of interesting things about cows that I didn't know about. So it was something very informative to learn about. An FFA activity that I attended and liked was the Corn Husking event, because I had never attended anything like that. It was interesting seeing up close how fast these people work and pull the ears off the stalks. The horses were beautiful to, and seeing how well they worked impressed me. It's an experience I'll never forget of the FFA.

Abbey O'Neal
My name is Abbey O'Neal and I am the daughter of Brad and Susan O'Neal. I am currently in Ag Science 1. My SAE is beef production, with the help of my dad and grandpa. I have a cow, which will be calving in March. I can't wait for the day the calf is born. My favorite thing I have learned this year so far is learning about cows. I love learning about different types of cows and all the parts of them. My favorite meeting so far was the January meeting. We learned about CPR, First Aid, and car accident awareness. The car accident awareness really opened my eyes to how many people can really get hurt when alcohol is involved. I also learned how to do CPR, which was really cool.

Sam Overturf
This year our Ag Construction class has been a success. My name is Sam Overturf and I am the son of John and Clarissa Woolery. I am also currently a senior. This year I am only enrolled in the Ag Construction class otherwise known as welding. We have practiced different welding processes such as: GMAW, SMAW, and Oxy-Fuel. Outside of school and FFA I work at Dairy Queen, my bosses are Mike and Cindy Lamberson. Other students should join the FFA organization because not only is the construction class good but, the classes such as: Conservation, Ag 1 and Ag 2 and small animal care help you learn things included in the career fields that are involved in wildlife and livestock.

Zach Petzoldt
I'm Zach Petzoldt, a junior at Marshall Public Schools. I live northeast of Highway 41 on NN on a crop farm. I am the son of Mark and Judy Petzoldt. I have been an active member of FFA since my freshman year of high school. I am currently in the Ag Management and Leadership classes for FFA.

For my SAE, I rent half of 57.6 acres from Petzoldt Farms on a cash rent system. I chose this project because I knew that I would be a good SAE and I could learn about the financial and management parts of farming. My dad helped me to get a loan from FCS and helped me determine whether or not to plant corn or soybeans. I needed land, fertilizer, seeds, and equipment to start my SAE. Through my SAE, I have learned how to keep accurate records, determine what chemicals are needed and what crop to plant year by year. I learned these things from keeping records, looking at the crop market, and from my father. These skills have helped me to keep better records and make wise decisions that affect my farming operation. I have decided to plant corn for the last two years and will plant soybeans this y