Robinson discusses smartphone apps for farmers

Monday, January 20, 2014
Cory Robinson making his presentation on smartphone applications for farmers.

On Monday, Jan. 13, at Santa Fe High School in Alma, Cory Robinson -- account manager with Pioneer -- discussed new smartphone applications for farmers at the Agri-Leaders winter educational meeting.

David Lueck, sales representative for Garst, was on hand with Harold Bertz, Santa Fe Agri-Leaders adviser, to help introduce Robinson to the dozen or so community members in attendance.

Robinson said he lives near Odessa and moved here about five or six years ago and enjoys working for Pioneer, which specializes in products and services to maximize farmers' production in the field.

According to the Pioneer company website, founder Henry A. Wallace's understanding of corn genetics appeared to change farming for the better. Through the last several decades, DuPont Pioneer has stayed true to Wallace's vision by increasing productivity and profitability for the customers using innovative technology.

Robinson mostly talked about and presented applications for Apple devices because that was what he was familiar with. Most of the applications were free, but some required a payment through the Apple store. There were some apps available through Google Play for Android applications.

The first app he introduced was the Pioneer Field360 Notes app.

"I like this app," Robinson said. "You can make notes and take pictures to upload to the app and keep track of your crops in real time and share it with others, like a Pioneer rep or whoever you like."

The app simplifies and arranges the field-by-field information for easy communication between Pioneer agronomists, sales professionals and growers. It also provides mobile access to the latest, most recent agronomic observations.

Robinson said the app could take up to ten photographs per note, with GPS location for easy tracking, and the note is automatically stored in the phone or tablet, if the note is not shared. The Pioneer Field360 Tools app pulls together the information from DuPont Pioneer into one app that provides real-time data information from the fields.

Robinson said there is web-based software called Pioneer Field360 Select. It is a paid subscription service which brings field data together with real-time agronomic and weather information.

"This service helps predict rainfall by using algorithms and weather stations in the area," Robinson said. "It's pretty accurate."

Robinson made his presentation with his iPad and shared the information on a screen for those in attendance. He was able to show what the application could do and what it would look like on the home screen of the device.

He mentioned a few other applications that might be useful to farmers such as Plantability, GoodNotes, idWeeds, Tools, iBooks, Doc Scanner and Ag Phd.

"As an employee of Pioneer, we get updates on new applications that come out," Robinson said.

Agricultural technology is changing. These applications are made to enable farmers keep track of their field and crop data more easily and efficiently, Robinson said.

The meeting concluded with Bertz thanking Robinson for being there and mentioned upcoming meetings for the educational series.

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