Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Yellow note in child's backpack

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Some of you parents may have found a yellow note in your child's backpack at the start of the Holidays. Although no one took ownership for it, the message was clearly in support of Common Core. I took offense to that because the points were made using misinformation, well "lies." Gov. Nixon accepted federal stimulus money when he signed the ov. Nixon signed the State Fiscal Stabilization Fund application and received $1.7 billion from the U.S. Department of Education. Here's the problem: the standards and assessments have no reliability or validity data and the curriculum is developmentally inappropriate. New York is two years ahead of us and it's a train wreck. Teachers and administrators are evaluated on student test scores and they test a lot. The curriculum is so bad that teachers have to teach to the test so they don't lose their jobs.

What happens to kids with disabilities, English language learners or the gifted? It is a one-size-fits-all education and they're not kidding. If you don't learn what's taught that day then your behind. Everything is on computers; many schools don't have textbooks or workbooks to send home. Data is collected on every student all the time. The 400 data points include your religion, voting record, income, parent/student relationship, eye scans, fingerprints and instruments that measure biometric data like stress and attention levels and more. FERPA and HIPPA laws were loosened in 2011 allowing anyone remotely connected with education access to your child's records. This could be potentially damning.

What about the taxpayers? You will be paying for a dangerous experiment and when it doesn't work, as many experts have testified, your money will be down the toilet and kids will never get back lost years. The math and English experts, James Milgram and Sandra Stotsky from the validation committee, would not sign off on the standards, calling them "junk."

Teachers are beginning to speak out because they see what it's doing to kids. Doctors' are diagnosing children with dangerous levels of stress as having "Common Core Syndrome." You must protect your children. This time DESE has gone to far. Join us for a rally in Jeff City at 11a.m. Feb. 18, at the Capital Rotunda and make your voices heard! For more information go to moagainstcommoncore.com.

-- Cynthia Mulhall, Marshall