Slater establishes official name for school district

Thursday, December 19, 2013
Brad Denomme, manager of C&R Market, accepts a certificate of appreciation for being a "Partner in Education" and an outstanding supporter of the school district from Slater School District Superintendent Terry Lorenz. (Rachel Knight/Democrat-News)

The Slater School District's Board of Education met Tuesday, Dec. 17, to approve the official name for the district when "doing business as."

Superintendent Terry Lorenz said the school has accounts in many names. They ran into a conflict with a person who didn't know who they were because account names didn't match up.

After doing some research, it was discovered the district has been operating under several different names to include Slater Public Schools, Slater School District, Slater School District of Saline County, Missouri, and Slater School.

"All of those, over the years, are the way different people have our accounts set up," Lorenz said. "What I'm asking is that we come together under one name, so that I can start consolidating. We need to be the same."

The two most commonly used are Slater Public Schools and Slater School District.

Board Member Bud Griffith made the motion to settle on Slater School District and was seconded by Board Member Joey Gochenour. The board unanimously approved.

In old business, the board approved a raise in substitute pay from $72.50 to $75.

"We continue to struggle a bit getting subs in," Lorenz said.

Some research into what area schools pay, yielded that pay rate ranges from $70 to $85.

"Just to keep us off near the bottom, I recommend to bump that to $75," Lorenz said. "It's not a lot of bump but it gets us up from the bottom."

Gochenour sustained from the vote.

In new business, Lorenz asked the board to approve changing Friday, Jan. 3, to a no school/teacher in-service day.

The school needs to get more people certified for Children's Depression Inventory (CDI) training because of "some of our more rambunctious students we have in the building," Lorenz said. "We have to get a few more people certified."

CDI is a comprehensive multi-rater assessment of depressive symptoms in youth aged seven to 17 years.

"What it was going to cost us to send four or five people out to get trained, we ended up having the opportunity to bring the lady in on-site for the entire staff," Lorenz said.

The instructor is a teacher as well and only had Jan. 3 available.

"We decided to take her up on that," Lorenz said. "It's good training. I've had it several times. I think it's a good move."

Students were originally scheduled to come back Friday, Jan. 3, but the board approved the request to change the calendar.

The make up day will be Monday, April 21.

"I thought that the best place to slide that back in to not extend us farther at least at this point," Lorenz said. "Hopefully, we won't have nearly the trouble of getting the year finished this year with all the snow as we did last year."

The training is an annual training so Lorenz plans to get that training scheduled in the teacher's work days prior to the start of school.

The board approved the MSBA policy maintenance and policy online service. It is the annual MSBA policy surcharge. It's $1,500 for the maintenance and $950 for the online service. The price has not changed since last year.

The board also approved a change to the handbook. When the administration visited the handbook, they made several changes.

One change made that needs to be put back in was a line that was removed about attendance. This line was in a place away from the attendance section and was about attendance at school-sponsored events.

The addition that Lorenz requested was under the attendance section and it states, "Students placed on out-of-school suspensions or students who have failed to serve detention, may not attend or participate in school-sponsored events."

This was in the previous handbook, however, it was tied to losing credit.

During the financial report, Lorenz was happy to report to the board the new scoreboards are finally finished.

"We held the $34,000 check on the scoreboards until they got the final fixes done ...," Lorenz said. "I was finally able to call them and tell them the check was in the mail."

A repairman was at the school for two days to fix the problem.

"Apparently we had, in transit, on the rush, that they were trying to get us both of those boards in, there was a little bit of a bounce and wiggle and the motherboard on the scoreboards had a couple little issues," Lorenz said. "He got us up and running. Now it lights up like a Christmas tree, just in time for the holidays."

The board presented Brad Denomme, manager of C&R Market, with a certificate of appreciation for being a "Partner in Education" and an outstanding supporter of the school district.

"We can't even thank C&R, and Brad especially, enough. He has helped all of the organizations at school that do anything from fundraising to supply of food," Lorenz said. "He's given us cut-rate prices on everything. It's been a very, very good boon for the school."

Denomme has been instrumental in getting prices for the school that has required him to go the extra mile and contact the central office. The school has received food for concession stands and teacher appreciation days, just to name a few.

"He's helping our school a great deal," Lorenz said.

The next school board meeting will at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 22, in the school's library.

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