Murphy Family Ventures serves Saline with swine operation

Tuesday, December 17, 2013
Murphy Family Ventures located about two miles south of Marshall. (Kelly Melies/Marshall Democrat-News

Murphy Family Ventures is a swine operation located about two miles south of Marshall. The company leases another facility in Sweet Springs and it's headquartered in North Carolina.

Murphy Family Ventures has grown and now is comprised of eight divisions -- golf and recreation, grain sales, hospitality services, land development, portable storage, support services, swine production and turkey production.

According to Dell Murphy, company president, they opened in 2004 as a management company providing various services to businesses which are owned by the Murphy family and others.

"I'm looking forward to the future, growing our company for the benefit of our owners and all the outstanding employees," Murphy said on the company's website.

The facility in Marshall contains about 1,100 acres and about half is row crops and the other half is in pasture, according to Tim Bond, production manager. Bond said Murphy bought the site and the cow herd with it.

"It's the only cow herd owned between here, southern Missouri and North Carolina," Bond said. "He's got about 140 head of momma cows. That's kind of new to us."

They take care of the cows along with the care and treatment of the sows, Bond said.

Murphy Family Ventures is a management company and Cargill owns the sows in this area. Cargill also has its own veterinarian who comes in and ensures protocol is being followed, but the management comes from Bond and his staff.

The company took ownership of the facility in February and operate in all facets of swine production.

"We feed them, breed them, we gestate them, we farrow them and then the whole cycle starts over again," Bond said. "We have farrow to wean pigs. Our pigs are about on average 21-22 days old when they leave here."

"When the pigs leave here, most of them will go to Northern Missouri or Iowa to what's called a wean to finish site. They'll stay there until they are up to market weight," Bond said. "We also have some finishing sites in the east and to the south."

In addition to the Sweet Springs facility, which is managed by Josh Sims, they also have farms in Vernon County and Wallace, N. C. The sows there are owned by Smithfield Foods.

"I work with the sow farms here as well as some of the sow farms in Vernon County. We have about 65,000 sows down there," Bond said. "There are about 5,200 sows here and about 2,500 sows in Sweet Springs."

Bond said they take very good care of the animals there and they are proud of that fact.

"We're very proud of our animal husbandry, the way we treat our animals. Animal welfare is a very big topic today," he said.

The Marshall facility, managed by Barb Brandt, has its own maintenance department for the upkeep of the facilities. They have a strong relationship with Missouri Department of Natural Resources, and take pride in their land and nutrient management to ensure they're regulated with the department, Bond said.

"We're stewards of the land and we're proud of that fact. To be sustainable in this business, you have to be," he said.

Murphy Family Ventures is also about its working family and taking notice of their employees.

"We have really good employees and our human resources department offers a diverse set of training classes," Bond said. "We develop our own leadership and we got a bunch of good people working for us. Probably 95 percent of our promotions are from within."

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