Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: H.E.A.T. serves Saline County residents

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

For more than thirty years a small, dedicated group of individuals, known as the Heating Emergency Action Team or H.E.A.T., has been serving Saline County residents who are experiencing heating emergencies.

Last year 186 persons (including infants, children and the elderly; healthy or not; able-bodied or not -- difficult circumstances do not discriminate) were helped using the funds so generously donated by individuals, businesses, organizations and churches in all parts of our county. No other resources were available to them. Without the generous support of our Saline County community, these people would have experienced a long, cold winter.

H.E.A.T.'s dream is to be able to help ensure that any county resident who needs help with a heating emergency, gets it. We thank each and every person or group who has helped us in this mission. We ask those of you who have not yet become involved to seriously consider doing so.

One hundred percent of donations received are deposited with the Missouri Valley Community Action Agency. This Agency has been our invaluable partner. They evaluate all applications; provide funding from other sources if available and the applicant qualifies; and when there are no other options, use the H.E.A.T. monies to assist. MVCAA tells us year after year how fortunate Saline County is and how grateful they are to have these funds for those who simply have no other place to go.

Together we can ensure no Saline County resident spends a winter without the comfort of a warm home. As winter rapidly approaches, we ask you to consider supporting this cause and helping your fellow Saline County residents. Together, we can ensure anyone in need of help for an emergency situation, receives it.

Donations may be sent to HEAT, c/o Carolyn Jiles, 28946 Highway H, Marshall, MO 65340.

-- Carolyn Jiles, Marshall