Marshall FFA recognizes members

Tuesday, November 19, 2013
Marsahall FFA President Mason Sandidge and Vice President Kayla Elson make the National Models of Excellence presentation at the Chapter FFA meeting held Nov. 11 at Bueker Middle School recognizing members.

On Monday, Nov. 11, in the Harold L. Lickey auditorium at Bueker Middle School, the Marshall FFA chapter held a meeting recognizing its members and outstanding achievements through the year.

As the public gathered in the auditorium, FFA officers were preparing for the meeting and presentation of degrees recognizing its members.

Callie Dobbins, FFA adviser, said this night was about recognizing its members.

"First year members will receive their Greenhand degree. Second year members will receive their Chapter degree and eighth graders will receive the Discovery degree," Dobbins said.

There were 52 members eligible for the Greenhand degree and there were about 45 eligible members to receive their Chapter degree. For the Discovery degree, there were about 43 eligible eighth grade members.

FFA President Mason Sandidge called the meeting to order, each officer stood and reported on and explained the position. Sandidge continued and prepared for the presentation of degrees. During each presentation, each member being recognized introduced their self and mentioned their parents. They were each handed a certificate and a pin then proceeded down the line to shake the hands of the other officers. Each FFA adviser assisted with each presentation. Paige Brock was on hand to help with the Greenhand degree, Randy Plattner assisted with the Chapter degree and Dobbins helped present the Discovery degree.

After the presentations, Sandidge and Vice-President Kayla Elson presented a slide show of the chapter being a model of excellence. Being recognized as a model of excellence includes their student development, chapter development and community development activities as being exemplory.

"Marshall FFA is the only chapter to get the model of excellence two years in a row," Dobbins said.

After the presentation, Dobbins presented recognition and prize money to several students who participated in their fruit sales fundraiser. Among these were Drew Mizer, Kay Plattner, Sandidge, and Elson.

Sandidge then closed the ceremonies with the Pledge of Allegiance and congratulating all of the members.

Refreshments were served after the ceremonies and collages were on display of some of the club's achievements and activities throughout the year for the public's viewing.