Sweet Springs Board of Aldermen accept bids for park grant

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Sweet Springs Board of Aldermen accepted bids for benches, tables and mulch as part of a park grant at its council meeting Monday, Oct. 14.

The council received four bids and all were opened at the meeting.

"There are four things we bid on," Alderwoman Dee Friel told the board. "There were park benches. There were the regular park tables, the handicap accessible and mulch."

Mayor Tommy Goode pointed out they all had to be "green" products.

The council received a bid from Bernard Lumber, located in Sweet Springs, for the tables and tire mulch. Bernards did not send a bid for benches.

Benards mulch bid, for both playgrounds, was $30,000 delivered, but not spread. The 25 regular 8-foot tables were $700 each for a total of $17,500 and five handicap accessible tables were $775 each for $3,875.

Marcums Landscaping Stones and Nursery, located in Sedalia, only bid on the 40-tons of tire mulch and it was a bid of $18,800 delivered and an additional cost of $600 for spreading the mulch over both playgrounds.

"We will receive the order in two weeks or less," Friel said.

Marcums was the only bid to offer mulch spreading.

International Mulch Company, located in St. Louis, submitted an $18,300 bid for tire mulch, which comes in four different colors.

"Here's the problem," Friel said about the mulch coming in on a 53-foot trailer. "'You will require a pallet jack and a fork lift to unload. This price does not include any spreading or disbursement.' We would have to do all the unloading and everything."

Champlin Tire Recycle, located in Concordia, Kan., bid $30,112 for the mulch, which makes them the highest bidder on the mulch.

"This was a company recommended by the Solid Waste Region F area," Friel said.

The eight-foot picnic tables are $629 each for a total of $15,725 and the handicap accessible tables are $659 each for $3,295. The company offers free delivery with all hardware and instructions to assemble the tables.

Champlin was the only company to bid on the three eight-foot park benches for $319 each totaling $957.

Goode asked if the tire mulch product was the same for all the companies.

"The Marcum playground also guaranteed theirs to be kid safe with no wire or metal pieces in their tire mulch," Friel said. "None of the other companies made that guarantee, but I would assume they are going to be playground safe. Marcum is the only one that made that statement."

Alderman Wyatt Lea asked Friel if Bernards tables were assembled already. Friel said they were not.
"Because it's easier and more compact to send them to the business," Friel said.

"My own feelings are, this is in regards to locals, I'd like to see more Sweet Springs business, but not put ourselves over a barrel to do it," said Alderman David Goode.

"The Solid Waste Region F will know because they have dealt with Champlin before what their prices are and they will probably want to know why we went with the more expensive bid," Friel said. "Until we got these bids, Benards was by far the lowest mulch bid. Some other companies we had, their mulch was $46,000."

Friel asked the council to approve Marcum's bid for the mulch with the company spreading it on the playgrounds and they did so.

Friel then asked the council to approve Champlin's bid for the park benches since it was the only bid received and the council agreed.

There is a $2,355 difference between Benards and Champlin's bids.

Friel asked the council to approve the bids from Champlin for both tables. Alderman Wyatt Lea did not approve the bid, but the approval carried with Alderman Eric Rader, Alderman Goode and Friel's votes.

The representative from the park board at the meeting said the tables already at the park came from Champlin.

In other business, the council approved three ordinances including the adoption of a new comprehensive plan prepared for the city by Pioneer Trails Regional Planing Commission, establishing court costs for the Sweet Springs Municipal Court and amending court costs for the Sheriff's retirement surcharge, and a change to the Missouri Local Government Employees Retirement System (LAGERS) benefit program to 1.25 percent.

The council approved the closure of Miller Street between Main and Marshall Streets for the Optimist's Trunk or Treat from 2-5 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 26. The rain out date will be Sunday, Oct. 27. The costume contest will take place first in the Festival Garden.

"We'd like for people to angle park over here on the east side so kids just go down one side of the street," Friel said.

Friel also updated the council on the status of the City of Sweet Springs website.

"We have decided to go with Chad Ohrenberg out of Concordia," Friel said. "He was substantially cheaper than our previous bid, but there will be a monthly fee of $230 to maintain the website." The other bid included a $245 maintenance fee with a setup fee of over $3,000. Ohrenberg's set up fee was less than $500. He's done websites for John's Body Shop of Concordia and Santa Fe Agri-Leaders, just to name a few.

"He will do unlimited pages for us," Friel said. This will allow the Parks and Recreation, Police Department, library board, Chamber and others to have what they want on its page.

There is no timeline established yet for this project.

"THis is good news," said Mayor Goode. "We've went several years without a website."

The next Board of Aldermen meeting will be 6 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 12, which is changed from the normal meeting day due to Veterans Day holiday.

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