End Rows for Oct. 1, 2013

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

October payments

We anticipate issuing the 2013 Direct and Counter-Cyclical Program, ACRE, and Conservation Reserve Program annual rental payments this month.

There is still time to make sure we have your current banking information for direct deposit and current address.

If you need to update our records for direct deposit, you can fax or email a voided check or pick up a form and take it to your bank to complete.

Just call us and we can get the process started.

You can call the FSA office for address changes also at 660-886-7447, ext. 2.

Marketing Assistance Loans (MAL)

Short-term financing is available by obtaining low interest commodity loans for eligible harvested production.

A nine-month Marketing Assistance Loan provides financing that allows producers to store production for later marketing.

The crop may be stored on the farm or in the warehouse.

Loans are available for producers who share in the risk of producing the eligible commodity and maintain beneficial interest in the crop through the duration of the loan.

Beneficial interest means retaining the ability to make decisions about the commodity, responsibility for loss because of damage to the commodity and title to the commodity.

Once beneficial interest in a commodity is lost, it is ineligible for a loan, even if you regain beneficial interest.

For grain stored on the farm, you can certify to the amount of bushels in storage or you can request measurement service for a fee.

Measurement service fees start at $46 per request plus $8 for each additional half-hour. By paying for measurement service, you will get a guaranteed measurement.

Measurement service can also be used to determine production evidence for your farm, it is not strictly for farm-stored loans.

To be eligible for a farm-stored loan, the grain must be stored in a structure that will provide safe storage through the maturity of the loan, adequate to maintain the quality and quantity of the grain, and designed so that the grain can be measured, safely inspected, and sampled if necessary.

Attached ladders are required on the outside and inside of the storage structure.

All farm-stored grain loans are subject to random spot-checks.

To apply for a farm-stored grain loan and/or to request measurement service, visit the county FSA office that administers your farm.

Farm safety

Flowing grain in a storage bin or gravity-flow wagon is like quicksand, it can kill quickly. It takes less than five seconds for a person caught in flowing grain to be trapped.

The mechanical aspects of grain handling equipment, also presents a real danger. Augers, power take offs, and other moving parts can grab people or clothing.

These hazards, along with pinch points and missing shields, are dangerous enough for adults; not to mention children.

It is always advisable to keep children a safe distance from operating farm equipment.

Always use extra caution when backing or maneuvering farm machinery.

Ensure everyone is visibly clear and accounted for before machinery is engaged.

FSA wants all farmers to have a productive crop year, and that begins with putting safety first.