End Rows for Sept. 24, 2013

Thursday, September 26, 2013

CRP reminders

CRP participants with managed haying and grazing are required to certify to the acres hayed or grazed by Sept. 30.

If the ground was grazed, livestock must be off by Sept. 30.

If the ground was baled, hay bales must be removed by Oct. 30.

CRP participants with mid-contract management practices must turn in their bills by Sept. 30.

If you are not able to complete the practices by the end of September, contact the county office as soon as possible.

If the managed haying and grazing and the mid-contract management practices are not reported by Sept. 30, your CRP annual rental payments may be


Upcoming acreage reporting deadlines

Oct. 1, 2013 is the beginning of USDA's 2014 fiscal year and program year.

This begins a new year of acreage reporting.

All 2014 hay and pasture ground must be reported by November 15, 2013.

Wheat and other fall-seeded crops for harvest in 2014 must be reported by Dec. 15, 2013.

The change in crop acreage reporting dates was the result of a combined effort of FSA and the Risk Management Agency (RMA) to make acreage reporting easier and standardized for crop insurance and FSA purposes.

Many FSA programs require all acreage must be reported for a farm, including hay and pasture.

Reporting acreage ensures producers are compliant with current and future FSA farm programs, including any future disaster assistance.

2014 hay or pasture reported after Nov. 15, 2013 will require a late-filing fee of at least $46 per farm.

Controlled substance

Program participants convicted under federal or state law of any planting, cultivating, growing, producing, harvesting or storing a controlled substance are ineligible for program payments and benefits.

If convicted of one of these offensives, the program participant shall be ineligible during that crop year and the four succeeding crop years for direct and countercyclical payments, price support loans, loan deficiency payments, market loan gains, storage payments, farm facility loans, Non-insured Crop Disaster Assistance Program payments or disaster payments.

Program participants convicted of any federal or state offense consisting of the distribution (trafficking) of a controlled substance shall, at the discretion of the court, be ineligible for any or all program payments and benefits:

* for up to 5 years after the first conviction

* for up to 10 years after the second conviction

* permanently for a third or subsequent conviction

Program participants convicted of federal or state offense for the possession of a controlled substance shall be ineligible, at the discretion of the court, for any or all program benefits, as follows:

* up to 1 year upon the first conviction

* up to 5 years after a second or subsequent conviction

Power of attorney

For those who find it difficult to visit the county office personally because of work schedules, distance, health, etc., FSA has a power of attorney form available that enables you to designate another person to conduct your business at the office.

If you are interested, please contact our office or any Farm Service Agency office near you for more information.

Special accommodations

Special accommodations will be made upon request for individuals with disabilities, vision impairment or hearing impairment.

If accommodations are required, individuals should contact the county FSA office directly or by phone.