End Rows For Sept. 3, 2013

Friday, August 30, 2013

Managed haying and grazing of CRP

Haying and grazing of CRP is authorized under certain conditions to improve the quality and performance of the CRP cover or to provide emergency relief to livestock producers due to certain natural disasters.

There are two types of haying and grazing authorization: managed and emergency. Today we are focusing on Managed Haying and Grazing.

Generally, CRP acreage may not be hayed or grazed between May 1 and July 15 which is the primary nesting season.

Acreage eligible for managed haying and grazing includes practices CP1, CP2, CP4B, CP4D, CP10, CP18B, CP18C, and CP38 and is not eligible until 12 months after the cover is fully established.

The same acreage cannot be hayed or grazed more than one out of every three years. Or you can hay or graze a different third of your CRP acreage every year.

A request must be filed with the FSA office administering the contract before CRP ground can be hayed or grazed.

You must request authorization from FSA before cutting any hay or releasing livestock in the CRP field.

When you file your request, you will be asked to identify on a map the acreage to be hayed or grazed.

The CRP Conservation Plan will be modified to include the haying/grazing requirements.

You must have written notification of approval from the County Committee or the County Executive Director before cutting any hay or releasing any livestock in the CRP field.

You will be required to:

* Report the number of acres actually hayed or grazed.

* Re-establish, at your own expense, any cover destroyed by the haying or grazing.

* Remove all hay from the CRP ground by Oct. 30 and all livestock by Sept. 30.

* Not hay and graze the same acreage and haying is limited to only one cutting.

CRP participants who do not have livestock may sell the hay to an eligible livestock producer.

A 25 percent payment reduction for the acreage hayed or grazed will be assessed. You will have the option of paying the reduction in advance or it can be taken out of your annual rental payment which will be issued after Oct. 1.

Participants who hay or graze CRP acreage without approval or fail to follow these provisions will be considered to be in violation of their CRP contract.

For more information on managed haying and grazing of CRP, contact the FSA office.

Emergency haying and grazing of CRP

Requests for Emergency Haying and Grazing of CRP are initiated with the County Committee.

They must document a 40 percent or greater loss in normal hay and pasture production and an average of 40 percent or greater loss of normal precipitation for the four most recent months.

At this time, the Saline County FSA Committee is not considering requesting authorization for emergency haying and grazing of CRP