Carr returns to Marshall as full-time doctor

Monday, August 19, 2013

Dr. David Carr, M.D., returned to Marshall to affiliate full-time with Marshall Women's Care.

Dr. Carr, who is an OB/Gyn, was born at the original Fitzgibbon Hospital building; he grew up in the Raytown, area, and is a graduate of Missouri Valley College. Carr's father, Leonard Milton Carr, was an All-American football player for the Missouri Valley College Vikings under coach Volney Ashford in the late 1940s. His family was from the Slater area, where the elder Carr worked as a railroad engineer, contractor and even worked on the old brown shoe factory building, later the sight of a ConAgra Frozen Foods expansion.

In making his decision to return to his birthplace, Carr said "It was just the right time," noting that Marshall's location will put him mid-distance between his three grown daughters, who live in St. Louis, Kirksville and Omaha.

Carr earned his medical degree from Creighton University in Omaha, Neb., after graduating summa cum laude with a degree in chemistry from MVC. He is board-certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology and has practiced at several locations around Missouri, most recently in Branson. When he discovered an opportunity to practice in Marshall, Carr said he knew it was right for him.

"I really enjoy the small town atmosphere. That's the only place I've ever lived is in small towns," said Carr, who has also practiced medicine in Sikeston and Kirksville.

Carr has delivered more than 8,000 babies in his career and says he is just "not ready to retire." Instead, he says, he is excited about working with midwives Megan Shepard and Deanna Donnell in delivering babies.

"I think we'll complement each other," he says. "I am really excited about the certified nurse midwives Fitzgibbon has."

Carr says one of his strengths is his ability to listen to each patient's concerns.

"I'm very receptive to listening. I like to have patients tell me what's going on. I don't interrupt. I think it's important that people understand that I am listening to them. I try to explain things as simply as possible and try to make whatever we are doing as painless as possible as well," he said. "I'm very careful about explaining to people what their options are."

His wife of 37 years, Terri, is an R.N., and will be joining him in Marshall later this summer. A former marathon runner, he enjoys walking and loves dogs. He has a special interest in Tibetan Terriers. He calls himself "a huge football fan" and follows the Chiefs and Mizzou Tigers. He adds that he will enjoy the opportunity to see an MVC game right here in Marshall this fall.

"I plan to go to as many Valley games as possible," he said.

When asked how his patients might describe him, he answered, "You just can't take yourself too seriously. I think they would say I'm funny, but supportive. I do tell jokes. I don't like a lot of formality, but I do take seriously what I'm doing, but not myself too seriously. I am open minded and open to the ideas and suggestions of nurses. I recognize they do all the heavy lifting in patient care."

As an OB/Gyn with many years of experience, Carr says he still enjoys "the miracle of birth."

"To see people's faces light up when that baby is born, to be able to deliver the baby in a gentle fashion and if there are problems to be able to respond to problems in a fashion that delivers the baby 'well-born,' is what I intend to do," said Carr.

To make an appointment with Carr, contact Marshall Women's Care at 660-886-6677.