Local School Board Receives Training

Friday, August 9, 2013

The Marshall Board of Education participated in a board development workshop sponsored by the Missouri School Boards' Association July 29-30.

The first session emphasized the results of board member responses to the Board Self-Evaluation (BSE) instrument. The BSE measures board practices and attitudes correlated by research to high student achievement. Discussion focused on the importance of setting high expectations and providing support for continuous improvement related to student achievement, high quality staff, clean and safe facilities, involving the community in the educational process and other topics related to effective board governance.

In the second session, board members and the superintendent learned about the new requirements for superintendent evaluation. The workshop emphasized the board's responsibility in fulfilling the state requirement to conduct a comprehensive performance-based evaluation for the superintendent.

The board is responsible for ensuring the evaluation is ongoing and of sufficient specificity and frequency to provide for demonstrated standards of competency and academic ability. The purpose of the evaluation is to, establish accountability for the school system and provide opportunities for the superintendent's growth and improvement.

Marshall Board of Education recognizes the value of ongoing professional development to improve outcomes for students.

Based on research, this is one of a series of workshops designed to equip local school board members with the skills and knowledge necessary to function as effective education leader in their communities.

The Missouri School Boards' Association is a private, not-for-profit organization that exists to help school boards succeed.