The Academy of Salon Professionals announces the promotion of students in the new business system

Thursday, August 1, 2013
Left to right: Dustin Hamm, Tabitha Kelling, Sabrina Lilly, Tameka Brooks and D. Wade Pfremmer.

The Academy of Salon Professionals has implemented the Summit Level System and officially became a "Summit School" in March 2013. By implementing the summit business building strategies and goals into the esthetic, barber and cosmetology curriculum, the students focus on creating a higher level of customer service, guest retention, product styling recommendations and the ability to attract new guests. Students are given the tools they need and are encouraged to begin building their business while in school. The students reach and maintain identified business goals, earn a promotion and are rewarded for their hard work and dedication to their profession. The following students earned promotions to Level two status: Dustin Hamm,cosmetology; Tabitha Kelling, cosmetology; Sabrina Lilly, cosmetology; Tameka Brooks, cosmetology; and D. Wade Pfremmer, barber.