Rader appointed to vacancy on Sweet Springs Board of Aldermen

Tuesday, July 9, 2013
Ronda Nienhueser (right), city clerk, swears in Eric Radar at the Sweet Springs Board of Aldermen meeting Monday, July 8. (Rachel Knight/Democrat-News)

Eric Rader was appointed by the Sweet Springs Board of Aldermen Monday, July 8, to fill the vacant seat left by the new mayor, Tommy Goode. Rader has served as an alderman before. Goode replaced former Mayor Ray Kinney.

In other appointments, the board approved the appointment of David Menning for a three-year term to the library board.

"I find that he is very interested in the position," said Mayor Goode. "He is a regular patron of the library."

The board unanimously approved the closure of North Miller Street between Lexington Avenue and Virginia Street from Tuesday, July 9 to Tuesday, July 30. MFA Coop Elevator personnel plan to demolish the lower elevator locator at 100 N. Miller St. The street will be closed from the fire hydrant by Kenny's MFA to Lexington Avenue.

Ryan Brooks, of MFA, said they spoke with the contractor and they will reopen the street for the Gusher Days Fair and then resume work afterwards, if necessary.

Alderman Wyatt Lea asked if there were any concerns with safety.

"We aren't going to do anything that would make that street unsafe," Brooks said. "The contractor would make sure it's to the point that it is safe."

The aldermen also approved the extension of the festival lease between the City of Sweet Springs and Gusher Days Fairboard. The city owns the land and the fair board owns the building. If the fair board disbans, the city will end up with the building. The current lease expired on June 10. The new lease will be current for 10 years taking the lease through July 31, 2023.

Sweet Springs Mayor Tommy Goode conducts his first meeting as mayor Monday, July 8. (Rachel Knight/Democrat-News)

"I also want to pubically thank the city workers for trimming trees, hauling rock and tube for the tractor pull," said Bruce Hoyes with the Sweet Springs Festival Committee. The committee worked diligently to expand the Saturday, July 27, tractor pull to accomodate an Outlaw Tractor Pull. To do so, some trees would need to be trimmed and a gravel road would be made to avoid a corner that would be too difficult for semi-trucks to navigate.

The committee has also widened the pulling track to 98 feet and added guard rails. Since then, other organizations have contacted Hoyes about using the track for other pulling events.

"We are excited about the new events and the cooperation received on this project," Goode said.

With the tractor pull, the committee also requested the use of Miller Street in advance to set up Turner's Kitchen, a vendor for the Gusher Days Festival. The vendor would take up two spots on the street from Sunday, July 21 to Sunday, Aug. 4. It may constrict the flow of traffic slightly, but the board approved the motion unanimously.

Chad Eckhoff, of the Pulbic Works Department, asked the board to approve the purchase of a water pressure monitoring alarm system that would notify the appropriate personnel of pressure fluctuations in the city's water system. He presented bids from HOA for $4,500 fully installed and EFI for $6,000 fully installed. The board agreed it was something the city needed to acquire. They asked City Clerk Ronda Nienhueser to look at the budget for the department to determine if they could purchase the equipment. Nienhueser asked Eckhoff to contact HOA to ask for an extension on the bid so they could address at next council meeting.

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