Summers interns with ag leader OsbornBarr

Friday, July 5, 2013

As a lifelong member of 4-H, Kaleigh Summers, of Slater, learned the value of hard work, dedication and responsibility at a young age. As a current University of Missouri-Columbia student, Summers is diligent in her ag education and leadership studies and has hopes of a career in ag communications. Her summer internship at OsbornBarr will be a stepping stone to making those dreams come true.

As a previous volunteer for the CommonGround program, Summers is excited to be a public relations intern on the United Soybean Board team this summer. The program is near and dear to her heart, as she solidly believes in the future of agriculture.

"There is no better time than now to get into the ag industry, and this internship with OsbornBarr is the perfect first step to start my journey in advocacy," Summers said.

In a tough economy, many students, including Summers, realize their college degrees may not get them as far as they'd like. That's why she is proud to share her abilities and sharpen her skills on the United Soybean Board team.

"It is important to help the rest of the country realize that rural America is the hub of our country, and it is the dedication and hard work of rural Americans that inspires me every day." Summers said.

She will gain industry experience, valuable connections and professional learning opportunities that can't be found in the classroom. All the interns are fully integrated from ground zero, experiencing all aspects of agency life.

OsbornBarr's philosophy is "never stop growing." In its 25th year, the agriculture and rural specialist's intern class is the largest to date, comprising nearly 20 percent of its St. Louis team. The connections Summers makes through OsbornBarr and specifically on the United Soybean Board team will prove to be valuable assets long after the internship program ends.

"Although the job market has somewhat improved, it is still challenging for recent college graduates," said Jessica Sisco, talent acquisition manager at OsbornBarr. "Internships provide an opportunity for students to gain that valuable, hands-on experience that is needed to secure employment after graduation. Our hope at OsbornBarr is that our interns walk away with a better understanding of expectations in the workplace, a stronger work ethic and a greater sense of where they want to take their careers."