The Marshall Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution held its meeting June 7

Friday, June 28, 2013

The Marshall Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution held a noon Flag Day luncheon meeting with the Patsy Gregg Chapter of the NSDAR at Stone Hedge Golf Club on Friday, June 7.

Regent Judy Frerking called the meeting to order and had the group all stand for the Pledge of Allegiance, the American Creed, the Preamble to the Constitution of the United States and the Daughters' Pledge, followed by the group singing the National Anthem.

Chaplain Beth Hanes offered the blessing for the meal. Regent Peggy Reuster thanked Frerking for hosting the meeting. There were 10 members present from the Patsy Gregg Chapter and 10 members from the Marshall Chapter present. Hostesses were Marilyn Hinnah, Sarah Schulenberg and Jane Weber. Raylene Cornine is the program chairman.

Guest speaker Ron Duvall shared information on the history and correct use and treatment of the Flag of the United States of America. Duvall is a member of Marshall Chamber of Commerce, director of the Food Pantry and a member of Partners in Patriotism. He shared the history of National Flag Day explaining how America is a living country and the U.S. Flag is a representative of freedom of this nation. He is active in seeing that the flag is displayed throughout Marshall at appropriate times. All were encouraged to fly their flags on Flag Day.

The chamber has a goal of 500 flags ordered by local citizens and businesses to fly six times a year. They are well over the halfway mark and want anyone who is interested in the display of the flag furnished by the chamber to call Duvall or his office for more information.

The business portion of the meeting began with Reuster reading the president general's message followed by Wilma Amary giving the national defender report concerning a change coming with a new design for women's military body armor. Frerking reminded the ladies to look on the tables for quotes commemorating the history of the American flag as well as a copy of the NSDAR Flag Code.

Recognition was made of the passing of member Doris Whitlock, a chapter member, and remarks of her service in the Marshall chapter. Thank you notes were read from Bueker Middle School and Marshall High School recipients of the awards given in May by the Marshall chapter. Norma Werneke was the recipient of the patriotic table centerpiece given by the day's hostesses.

Friday, June 28, is the date set for the audit committee to meet with Frerking. Tuesday, Aug. 13, is the date set for the board meeting to plan for the coming year. The ladies enjoyed reading and answering the "Getting to Know You Minutes" followed by the meeting being adjourned by Frerking.