The Arrow Rock Chapter NSDAR met Tuesday, May 21

Monday, June 17, 2013

The Arrow Rock Chapter NSDAR met Tuesday, May 21, at Van Meter State Park.

There were six members and on associate member in attendance.

Regent Barbara Thieman called the meeting to order with the DAR ritual. She also presented the President General's message. The National Defense report was given by Carole Schaefer. Mary Burge discussed the importance of the bear claw for the Indian Minute. The minutes of the April meeting were read and approved as was the treasurer's report.

The June meeting was held at the home of Mandy Dorrance. Members were reminded to bring their items for the Veterans Home. The program will be on the topic of Native Plants. The planting of a dogwood tree in the Arrow Rock State Park by the chapter will be dedicated that day.

Under new business, it was reported that Patsy Gregg Anniversary Party was successfully held.

Burge reported the state conference was well organized with excellent programs and speakers. Eight members of the chapter attended the state conference. Thieman announced the year book received a gold ribbon and the poster board a blue ribbon. The chapter attained a level I rating. Certificates were awarded to the chapter for recognition of Veterans, donations to Indians and for increasing membership. Former Regent Gretchen Shackelford received a special certificate in recognition of her time as regent of the Arrow Rock chapter.

Under correspondence, an invitation was read for the Cornelia Green Chapter to a garden party that was held Wednesday, June 5, at Salem United Methodist Church in Ladue.

Flag Day at Roslyn Heights was held Saturday, June 8.

A meeting with the state regent is scheduled for three chapters in April 2014 in Blackwater.

The meeting adjourned. A tour of the Indian Museum at Van Meter State Park was taken.