Fire district candidates set for August special election ballot

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A special election will be held in parts of Saline County Tuesday, Aug. 6, to determine the creation of two new fire districts.

On Feb. 14, Judge Dennis Allen Rolf approved two separate petitions -- by the Saline County and the Slater Rural Fire Protection associations -- to hold an election within their districts and seek voters' approval to become districts.

Currently, the rural associations are funded through a membership system where residents pay to have the association's services in case of a fire. When firefighters from the rural association respond to a fire of a non-member, that resident is billed for the costs incurred in putting out the fire.

At the August special election, voters within their respective fire associations will vote on three items: the formation of said district; a maximum of 30 cents per $100 tax levy; and the election of a board of directors for the districts.

The candidates for board of directors of the Saline County Fire District are: Brian McCorkle, Larry Holland, Richard Clemens, Phillip Giffen, Nick Pointer, Richard Pemberton and Edwin Eaheart.

The candidates for board of directors of the Slater Fire District are: Jerry Hartung, Richard Mark Fizer, Joe Clements Jr., Jim Wiseman, Matthew Thies and Shawn Coleman.

"This is going to make it more equal for everybody," said Larry Holland, president of the Saline County Rural Fire Protection Association, in a previous story. "Everyone will get the same protection."

The Saline County fire association covers an area with approximately 1,500 residents, of which only 400 are members.

"When they (non-members) have a fire we go and put it out and afterward they get a sizable bill of $2,000 as a non member," said Richard Clemens, treasure for the association, in a previous story. "We felt it's not right for the people who are members to carry the whole load by themselves for equipment and other costs."

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