Opaa! Food Management, Inc. makes donation to the DIGS INC.

Thursday, May 30, 2013
Pictured right to left: Sheila Evans, Jennifer Marquess, Lindsey Parton and Mary Ann Piper.

Opaa! Food Management, Inc. held a fund raiser Wednesday, April 24.

The employees of Marshall Public Schools and Opaa! were given the opportunity to order homemade lasagna or homemade hot rolls. Thanks to the hard work of Jennifer Marquess, director of nutritional services; Sheila Evans, administrative assistant; Nancy Syron, kitchen manager; Margie Marks, baker; Tami Bradshaw, cook; and Amber Packham, kitchen manager, it was a big success.

Opaa! was able to make a donation of $104 to the DIGS INC.