BMS ceremony held May 17 to celebrate eighth grade completion

Wednesday, May 22, 2013
From left, Jacob Holloway, Jake Miller, Jani Tobin, Charlotte Lines, Michael Tsurkan and Maddison Scarborough stand on the stage in the Harold L. Lickey auditorium after receiving the Grace Ann Horman awards at the Eighth Grade Completion Ceremony on Friday, May 17. (Kelsey Alumbaugh/Democrat-News)

On Friday, May 17, Bueker Middle School held its Eight Grade Class Completion Ceremony in the Harold L. Lickey auditorium.

Principal Lance Tobin noted 176 eighth grade students would be transitioning to Marshall High School next year.

Alli Griffit, Student Council president, led the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance.

The Special Chorus, directed by Cheryl Lines, sang "For Good" as the ceremony began.

Tobin, Assistant Principal Glenn Miller II and eighth grade teacher Jane Lewis handed out certificates to the students.

Tobin noted the importance of every family member continuously supporting and loving the students, saying he himself still needed the support of his family from time to time. He said the support a child receives is extremely important for them to succeed.

After the certificates were presented, Tobin announced the six winners of the Grace Ann Horman Memorial Awards. He said Grace Ann Horman was a teacher at BMS and the family created the award as a way to honor her by donating $3,000 to be divided six ways for the students to do with as they please.

"Her family wanted to make sure her legacy in the education business lived on," Tobin said. "... The Horman family is generous and this is a very prestigious award for the kids."

The first award was for academics and was based on cumulative grade point average.

Alli Griffitt, Student Council president, addresses the eighth grade class at the completion ceremony on Friday, May 17. (Kelsey Alumbaugh/Democrat-News)

Michael Tsurkan received the academic award for the boys. Charlotte Lines received the award for the girls. Lines had a cumulative GPA of 4.0 and had perfect attendance all four years.

The second award was the good citizenship award. Students had to fill out an application to win this award.

Jani Tobin received the award for the girls and Jake Miller won the award for the boys.

The third award was the teacher's choice award. Eighth grade teachers selected the students.

Maddison Scarborough and Jacob Holloway were selected as recipients of the award.

Griffitt then delivered a message to the class

"'Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine,' as said by Anthony D'Angelo," Griffitt said as she began her speech. "He said it means to always see the best in everything you do in life."

Griffitt noted they had many choices ahead of them in high school and then as young adults and she felt their time at BMS would help to prepare them to make those decisions.

"Let the journey begin," she said before walking off the stage.

Students were dismissed to the dance at the completion of the ceremony.

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