The G.F.W.C. Coterie Club met Tuesday, April 23

Friday, May 17, 2013

The G.F.W.C. Coterie Club met Tuesday, April 23, at the E-911 Center in Marshall.

President Verna Sue Gibson called the meeting to order and led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Ruth Ann Anderson introduced guests Skylar Thurman and her mother. She reported on her experience at Sophomore Pilgrimage, which included tours of the Capitol, Governor's Mansion and the Legislative session attended by about 500 sophomore students across the state.

Gibson introduced Marvin Wilhite, who spoke about murder in Saline County. The first of which was in 1822. The victim was a Revolutionary War veteran who had just received his benefits.

Roll call was answered by 11 members.

Arline Borchers, co-hostess, gave a devotional entitled "Thank God I'm Alive."

The minutes of the March meeting were read and approved.

Patricia's receipts were turned in and "Miss Piggy" contributions were given. Volunteer hours were recorded.

Gibson shared a letter from Girl's Town asking for volunteers for board members. She also shared a letter from Lisa Cook, State G.F.W.C. President thanking the club for the good fifth district meeting and especially Joy Little, who is the fifth district president. Fourteen Coterie Club members and 15 from five other clubs attended. Larry Arrowood and Mary Burge, who told the "Red Dress Story," which is a poplular feat of Jim the Wonder Dog. There was also a picture taken by Katie Boehner that was accepted to be entered in the state photo contest.

Anderson had received a letter and check from Junior Achiever's Club to be forwarded to Girl's Town.

There were no regular G.F.W.C. or M.F.W.C. reports.

Gibson thanked the co-hostesses.

She then discussed the recent events held. The state meeting was held May 1-4 in Jefferson City; The Health Fair was held April 27; Jim the Wonder Dog Day was scheduled May 4 but cancelled due to weather; and the Bob James Jazz Festival will be held May 17-18.

Little announced that G.F.W.C. Federation Day was held April 28. It was founded in 1890. She also recognized long-time members.

Motions were approved to extend a gratuity to each of the last to program presenters.

The next regular meeting will be held May 28 at Bloomfield's.

The meeting was adjourned with the club collect.