April Duplicate Bridge Winners

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

April 2 -- 1st: M. Kimbrell and J. Stockman; 2nd: R. Henizler and H. Satterwhite; 3rd: G. DeMoss and J. Hartley.

April 5 -- 1st: C. Peterson and J. Hartley; 2nd: R. Heinzler and G. DeMoss; 3rd: B. Cleary and A. Boedeker.

April 9 -- 1st: P. Marshall and S. Repp; 2nd: C. Huddleston and D. Diehm; 3rd: S. Robbins and J. Hartley.

April 12 -- 1st: G. DeMoss and J. Hartley; 2nd: C. Peterson and H. Satterwhite; 3rd: M. Lenz and K. Stockman.

April 16 -- 1st: M. Kimbrell and L. Gochenour; 2nd: C. Huddleston and H. Satterwhite; 3rd: P. Marshall and M. Lenz.

April 19 -- 1st: C. Peterson and J. Hardison; 2nd: P. Marshall and S. Brayton; 3rd: G. DeMoss and B. Cleary.

April 23 -- 1st: C. Huddleston and P. Marshall; 2nd: C. Peterson and S. Repp; 3rd: G. DeMoss and S. Meuschke.

April 26 -- 1st: D. Diehm and A. Tobin; 2nd: S. Meuschke and J. Hardison; 3rd: S. Brayton and H. Satterwhite.

April 30 -- 1st: M. Kimbrell and M. Lenz; 2nd: G. DeMoss and P. Marshall; 3rd: H. Satterwhite and S. Repp.

submitted by Ann Wyatt