MHS FFA student looks forward to state level leadership

Wednesday, April 24, 2013
Abrea Mizer (Contributed photo)

Although the enormity of the office hasn't quite sunk in yet, Marshall High School senior Abrea Mizer is ready to begin her duties as the 2013-2014 FFA State President.

"I'm just ready to get started," she said. "I know it's a huge commitment, but it's going to be really fun."

In March, Mizer, the daughter of Paul and Brenda Mizer of rural Marshall, knew she would be serving as one of the 16 FFA state officers, after being selected as the Area 6 representative.

However, it wasn't until her name was called on the first day of the Missouri State FFA Convention that she knew what office she would hold. The selection was made after the 16 Area officers were interviewed again on April 18. From those interviews, the president, first vice-president and secretary were chosen and the remaining 13 officers were named vice-presidents.

Although she had prepared for the interview by working with several people, including former state FFA officers Lorin Price Fahrmeier and Willie Harlow, Mizer said she was still very surprised when she was selected as president.

"When I came out of the interview, I knew I had done the best I could have hoped," she said, "But I was still very, very surprised."

Becoming a state officer has been a dream of Mizer's since she joined FFA as an MHS freshman.

"It was a goal I really set freshman year," she said. "I didn't fully realize what it was all about, but it's something I knew I was interested in."

After attending FFA camp and speaking to some of the state officers, Mizer knew it was a goal she would pursue.

"FFA camp is when I really realized I was set and knew, 'Yes, this is something I want to do and I have to do it,'" Mizer said.

Mizer has been active in Marshall's FFA chapter, serving as president, vice president and secretary. She served as treasurer of the Area 6 FFA Association.

She represented the Marshall FFA Chapter as a Model of Excellence presenter at the 2012 National FFA Convention.

She earned the State FFA Camp leadership medal and served as camp president.

She received second place in diversified horticulture and agricultural education proficiencies at the area level.

Mizer has been selected as Chapter Star Farmer and member of the year.

Mizer and the new state officer team will start their tenure working on team building exercises, before heading to FFA camp this summer at the Lake of the Ozarks.

Then they will spend a lot of time working with members at the Public Speaking Academy and leadership conferences. She will also make chapter visits to all the schools in her area, as well as many others.

Mizer said she looks most forward to is "being around all the FFA members and traveling and getting to talk with them and hear what their stories are," as well as motivating them and inspiring them with her own experiences.

However, Mizer said she knows she will get even more in return.

"I know as a state officer you're supposed to be leading them," she said. "But I'm going to learn a lot from them, too."

This fall, Mizer will be attending the University of Missouri to pursue a double major in ag education and ag journalism.

Then she plans to obtain a masters in education administration.

Because she will have a full schedule with FFA duties, she plans to take fewer hours her first two semesters at Mizzou.

Mizer said she is thankful for all the support she has received.

"My family, the advisors ... just the community support has been amazing for my entire high school career," she said. "There is a long list of people (to thank)."

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