MMU crews work to deal with power outages and down lines

Tuesday, February 26, 2013
A line is down across Salt Pond Avenue on Tuesday morning, Feb. 26. It was a common sight as the weight of the snow weighed down on the lines. (Kelsey Alumbaugh/Democrat-News)

As the snow continues to fall on Tuesday, Feb. 26, Marshall Municipal Utilities crews work to get power back to residents who have lost it.

Electrical Distribution Director Jeff Bergstrom said he thought about 100 people were without power shortly before 8:30 a.m. and estimated down lines were 'in the neighborhood of 50 give or take."

The weight of the snow has been the biggest problem.

Marshall Municipal Utilities workers address a problem at the intersection of Arrow Street and Brunswick Avenue shortly before 8 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 26. The problem was caused by snow-laden branches hitting a power line a half block north on Brunswick. Power outages have been reported throughout Marshall Tuesday morning. (Eric Crump/Democrat-News)

"It's a wet snow and it's not just the trees (taking lines down), but some lines got some weight on them too," he said.

Bergstrom said the majority of the down lines are service lines and some may be cable or phone.

"We really don't know until we get to them," he explained. "We're trying to concentrate on the people that are out right now. Once we get everybody back on we've got a lot of low lines, down lines that we'll follow back up on later."

A tree branch blocks Briarwood Drive and another tree branch pulls a power line down on Tuesday morning, Feb. 26. (Kelsey Alumbaugh/Democrat-News)

Bergstrom said he has three pages of work for his crew detailing lines on the ground, low lines and tree limbs in line they will start on after the get to the people who don't have power.

However, the weather is proving to be a challenge.

"It's tough getting around," Bergstrom said. "We've been stuck a couple times and had to wait on equipment to get us out. Weather is a challenge in addition to us just having problems."

Those who see a problem with a line should call 660-886-6966 to report it and should not try to touch the line themselves.

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