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Enbridge pipeline construction scheduled to begin in May

Friday, January 18, 2013

There are two sets of railroad tracks and 33 roads in Saline County to be affected by the Enbridge Inc. Flanagan South Pipeline project.

Nine of those roads need MoDOT approval.

"Currently, anticipated construction for pump stations will start in May 2013 and August 2013 for the pipeline, pending regulatory approvals and acquisitions," Katie Lange, a public affairs representative for Enbridge, said in an email. "Construction is expected to be complete mid-2014."

Commissioners questioned Permit Specialist Tracy Calhoun from Enbridge Energy Company about the care of the Saline County roads on Thursday, Jan. 17.

"We're just concerned. I'd like to be able to tell the citizens of Saline County, in writing somehow, that those roads are going to be put back as well as they were before, or even better," Presiding Commissioner Tom Stallings said.

"They come in different phases. And when they get ready to do a road they will typically close it for around four hours," Calhoun said in response to Stallings question. "You may have a slight crown, but very little."

Stallings also asked about a way to repair roads once Enbridge had left the area.

Calhoun said she would be back sometime in the next 10 days with a haul route agreement for the construction crews and paperwork for a bond.

The bond would be used to pay for repairs on roads Enbridge had worked on after they leave.

"I don't think any of the road districts are concerned about where the pipelines are crossing the county roads," Road and Bridge Supervisor Justin Cowart said. "I think it's going to be the haul routes going to the pipeline."

Calhoun said she would be back in February with an engineer to go over the haul routes with the commissioners and heads of the special road districts.

A property tax comparison of the existing Spearhead pipeline and the proposed Flanagan South pipeline shows the current tax revenue in Saline County would go from $148,203 annually to $1,296,782 annually once the pipeline is completed.

Each of the 13 taxing districts has an allotted amount of miles they receive revenue from. The amount is not divided thirteen ways, but proportionally.

The Saline County Health Department currently receives $3,525 annually and will receive an increase of $27,319, totaling $30,844 annually.

The Saline County general revenue fund will receive a $39,024 increase, totaling $44,059 annually.

The Saline County Senate Bill 40 will receive $13,782 annually.

The Slater Ambulance District No. 1 will receive $33,086 each year.

The Sweet Springs Ambulance District will receive $21,095 yearly.

The Blackburn/Elmwood Special Road District will receive $17,637 annually.

The Marshall Special Road District will receive $839 annually, compared to the $96 it is currently receiving.

The Slater Special Road District will receive $27,986 yearly.

The Sweet Springs Special Road District will receive $408 each year.

The Malta Bend Special Road District will receive $12,599 annually.

The Saline County Common Road District will receive $42,545 every year.

The Saline County Common Road-Temp will receive $35,292 yearly.

The 12 school districts that receive tax revenue from the pipeline will see an increase of $900,426, totaling $1,016,610 annually.

Roads in Saline County to be affected by the pipeline project are Novel Road, Highway F, Nettles Avenue, north Highway O, Montana Avenue, north Highway C, 330 Road, state Highway NN, Knollwood Avenue, 305 Road, Wildcat Road, Bluebird Trail, state Highway 41, Holly Avenue, 275 Road, Harvest Road, county road 265, U.S. Highway 65, Golden Avenue, 250 Road, Fox Avenue, state Highway EE, 230 Road, 220 Road, Cougar Avenue, state Highway 20, state Highway 127, Boxelder Avenue, Bobwhite Trail, 185 Road, Basil Avenue, Arcadia Avenue and Alfalfa Avenue.

In addition to the Saline County Commissioners and Calhoun, Road and Bridge Supervisor Justin Cowart, Marshall-Saline Development Corporation Director Bill Riggins, Jiles Kiser with the Marshall Special Road District, James Harris with the Slater Special Road District and Jammie Stephens with the Malta Bend Special road district were in attendance.

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