Recount results confirm Marty Smith Saline County Treasurer

Friday, December 28, 2012

The recount for the Saline County Treasurer ended with Marty Smith still the victor, even though the margin was closer than on election night or in the previous official results.

Smith had 4,451 votes in his favor and his opponent, Ginger Brucks, had 4,441 after the recount on Thursday, Dec. 27.

On election night, Smith led Brucks by a 16 vote margin, ending the night with 4,443 votes to Brucks' 4,427. Then, the official results left an even smaller margin, stating Brucks only lost by 14 votes.

The morning after the election, Brucks said she planned to request a recount.

"I thought it was really good," County Clerk Debbie Russell said about the recount. "There was just few, very few, discrepancies."

Russell gave an example of a discrepancy and said a voter may have circled "Democrat" instead of filling in the oval by the candidate name.

"It narrowed the margin because most of (the discrepancies) were in her favor," Russell said.

The recount cost around $680 and Circuit Court Judge Dennis Rolf assigned the fee to Brucks.

Each candidate had four volunteers to help with the recount.

Louis Blumhorst, Mildred Conner, Mildred Gilliam and Eugene Young were members of Brucks' team.

Jim Chevalier, Evonne Trelow, Sue Borchers and Tom Purta were members of Smith's team. Richard Clemens and Lewis Bybee were alternates for Smith's team, but were dismissed because only four volunteers per team were needed.

Brent Wagner, from Henry Atkins Company, was present to run the machines.

According to Russell, Wagner has run numerous recounts and has 13 years of experience.

Circuit Clerk Sharon Crawford, Deputy Clerk Pam Doane, Smith's lawyer Stan Cox and Prosecuting Attorney Don Stouffer were also present.

"Personally, I appreciate everyone that came," Russell said. "All their efforts. It's important to prove that our process works."

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