West Central Missouri Show-Me-Select Replacement Heifer Sale: Kingsville- Kingsville Livestock Auction 11/24/2012

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Receipts:  287    Year Ago:  197    Two Years Ago:  131

   Coordinated by Show-Me-Select Board with University of Missouri
Extension, University of Missouri Commercial Agriculture Program, MU
College of Veterinary Medicine, Missouri Cattlemen's Association and
Missouri Department of Agriculture.

   All heifers having met minimum standards for reproductive soundness,
pelvic size, body condition and weight. They have also undergone a
comprehensive health program, and were guaranteed bred to easy calving
bulls, with 59 percent artificially bred.  These heifers were expected
to calve from January 1st thru April 30th, 2013, with projected calving
dates given for each lot of heifers.  Flesh condition was mostly in
upper moderate to low fleshy.  The offering was screened for blemishes,
graded, and body condition scored (BCS) by a final screening committee,
comprised of official graders from the Missouri Dept of Agriculture and
USDA, then sorted into lots according to calving dates and body type
similarity where permissible.  There was a full house crowd on hand for
the sale and following special cow sale.  Ninety three lots totaling
287 head sold with an average weight of 1075 lbs and an average price of
1953.00 per head compared to 1084 lbs and 1670.00 per head last year, with
eight lots bringing 2400.00 to 2550.00 per head.

   Replacement Bred Heifers:  Large 1  1100-1560 lbs, 2nd and 3rd stage,
2100.00-2550.00 per head; Medium and Large 1  993-1355 lbs, 2nd and 3rd stage,
1725.00-2475.00 per head; Medium and Large 1-2  958-1220 lbs, 2nd and 3rd
stage, 1725.00-2025.00 per head, stick-out pkg 2350.00 per head; few
Medium 1 and 1-2  870-1030 lbs, 2nd and 3rd stage, 1650.00-1800.00 per head.

Source:  Missouri Dept of Ag/USDA Market News Service, Kingsville, MO
         Richard L Kramer, Market Reporter (573)751-5618
         24 hour recorded market report (573) 522-9244

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