Sweet Springs Board of Aldermen approve water rates and flood plain ordinances

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Sweet Springs Board of Aldermen's November meeting dealt heavily with ordinances--whether they were being approved, discussed or drafted.

The water rates ordinance discussed at the October meeting was read and approved, as well as the new FEMA flood plain ordinance.

Nate Lea of the Public Works Department recommended changing the ordinance pertaining to the street excavation fee.

"Our street excavation fee that we currently have in place, it's $100," Lea said. "That doesn't really cover what it costs us to fix the hole."

He explained when somebody has a sewer line or connection and needs to dig in the street they pay $100 to the city. Then, after the work is completed they fill the hole with gravel and let it settle before the street department covers the hole.

"Two hundred and fifty dollars is what it costs us to do it," Lea said.

The board agreed something had to change and it plans to draft a new ordinance to cover the costs.

According to Mayor Raymond Kinney the ordinance regarding the requirement of a city sticker on vehicles operated in Sweet Springs needs to be reworded to note that only residents of the town are required to have the sticker.

"The ordinance reads that anybody who operates a vehicle in city limits of Sweet Springs has to have a city sticker," Kinney said. "I see a problem with that since our judge doesn't have a city sticker, our police chief doesn't have a city sticker, our prosecutor doesn't have a city sticker because they don't live here."

The police can stop anybody driving a car in the city limits of Sweet Springs and give them a ticket for not having one, and those tickets are a $100 fine according to Kinney.

Alderman Dee Friel brought two items to the boards attention. The tributary to Blackwater River on the Old 40 Highway has two logjams that need to be cleaned to keep the road from flooding.

Friel also wants to start a quarterly meeting of all the churches and organizations in Sweet Springs to avoid event-scheduling conflicts.

Kinney had the board approve a change to the city handbook stating that employees must use their comp time to take time off before being allowed to use their paid time off.

"If somebody is looking to retire or move onto somewhere else they get reimbursed at time-and-a-half as opposed to vacation and sick time, where that's regular time and keeps us in budget," Kinney said.

The street, water and police reports were approved. Bids for the two properties the city purchased were heard. A bid for the house at 1214 Daisy St., was approved and the house on Bridge Street is still open for bids. Knotheads, a bar opening in Sweet Springs, was approved for a seven days a week liquor license. A letter will be provided to the owner to include in the application for the license.

The next meeting will be Tuesday, Dec. 11, 2012, at 6 p.m. Meetings are open to the public.

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