Wednesday, June 6, 2012



The 2012 enrollment deadline for the Direct & Counter-cyclical Program (DCP) and the Average Crop Revenue Election (ACRE) program was June 1.

However those who have not yet enrolled for 2012 may do so during the late-filing period which is available now through August 1.

Any contracts enrolled after August 1 will require FSA State Committee approval.

In Saline County we still have several contracts yet to be enrolled, so we encourage those who have yet to enroll take advantage of this late-filing period.

For 2012, no advanced direct payments will be issued. The entire payment will be disbursed after October 1.

Primary nesting season

Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) participants should keep in mind that we are currently in the primary nesting season.

Mid-contract management and maintenance activities are prohibited during the primary nesting season which runs from May 1 through July 15.

No mowing or treatment of CRP acres is permitted until July 16.

General CRP

sign-up results

FSA's national office has announced which offers have been accepted from the recent CRP General Sign-up.

Nationwide, 4.5 million acres were offered and 3.8 million were accepted. (85% accepted)

In Missouri, 4,266 offers were submitted on 234,259 acres.

--4,194 offers were accepted on 231,557 acres (98 accepted)

In Saline County, 32 offers were submitted on 1,250 acres and 31 were accepted on 1,183 acres. (94% acres accepted)

As of October 1, 2012, enrollment in CRP is expected to be 27.5 million acres.

--This is after contracts scheduled to expire September 30 are deducted and these new contracts are added.

--This includes an estimate for continuous CRP contract enrollments

This is about 2 million acres below the current enrolment level.

The Environmental Benefits Index (EBI) cutoff for the recent General Sign-up was set at a score of 209.

--Any offers scoring below 209 were not accepted.

Those with accepted offers should have received a letter from their FSA office.

You must contact your FSA office to confirm your willingness to proceed with the CRP offer.

--If you do not notify your FSA office within 30 days of the date of the notification letter, we will assume you do not wish to proceed with the offer, and liquidated damages will be due.

If you have any questions, please contact your FSA county office.

June interest rates

Farm Storage Facility Loans approved in June

-- 7 year 1.250%

-- 10 year 1.875%

-- 12 year 2.125%