Marshall police warn of phone scam

Thursday, April 12, 2012

An old phone scam resurfaced Thursday, April 12, and Marshall police are encouraging local residents to be wary of the tactic.

The Marshall Police Department was contacted by a resident who said she received a telephone call today from someone claiming that her grandson was in jail and needed $1,600 bail money, according to a police spokesman.

The woman said the caller claimed to be a prosecuting attorney and told her that her grandson needed the bail money or he would be kept in jail for three days. She said another person claiming to be her grandson named the real grandson's wife by name and asked that she not be told of the incident.

The resident said she knew the call was an attempt to get money from her when the "grandson" referred to her by a name the actual grandson never uses.

"The Marshall Police Department wants everyone to be aware of this scam, and to never respond to such calls by wiring or otherwise transferring money to unknown persons," said Maj. David Roscher, assistant police chief. "The best course of action to take is to hang up on such calls and then contact the police department. While there is usually nothing that local law enforcement can do to prevent or investigate such scams as they normally originate outside the United States, the information can be passed to local media to alert the citizens."

To contact Marshall police officers, call the non-emergency number, 660-886-7411.

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