Marshall police help upgrade dog pens at animal shelter

Friday, January 6, 2012
New fencing is welding together at Marshall Animal Shelter Friday, Jan. 6. (Sarah Reed/Democrat-News)

Marshall Police Department, animal shelter staff and volunteers continued churning out updates at Marshall Animal Shelter early Friday morning.

This past August it was announced the shelter needed, not only cosmetic changes, but also almost a complete overhaul -- including roof repairs and better ventilation in the front office.

This week Assistant Chief David Roscher, Animal Control Officer Kenny Clayton and several officers took advantage of the unusually high temperatures to strip out old dog pins and install new ones. According to Shelter Manager Gina Hare, multiple members of the community are caring for dogs.

"Wonderful people are fostering while they're doing this," she said. "This is going to be so much better for the animals, so much safer for them."

Marshall Animal Shelter Manager Gina Hare describes Shady as "pretty well mannered and loves to go for walks. He receives treats in such a gentlemanly way and often will sit and silently greet you when you pass his pen. ... He's a great guy, but he is not going to be good with other dogs or cats. We don't know about children, but feel caution is in order. He is a lot of dog and needs someone with lots of room and time to spend with him. But take our word for it, he is going to make someone a really awesome pal. Shady has been at the shelter for a long time, and he really needs someone to give him a chance right away." (Sarah Reed/Democrat-News)

A majority of the dogs have found temporary homes with private citizens and Saline County Veterinary Service, but will return next week. There are still several dogs housed at the shelter while repairs continue.

Two dogs ready for adoption this week are Shady, a medium-sized bull terrior, and Chyna, a lab mix.

Marshall Animal Shelter Manager Gina Hare describes Chyna as "a medium sized dog, who has frequently shared a kennel with smaller dogs and does fine with them, although sometimes there can be a tussle at dinnertime. She is friendly and very smart, and loves to play and run in the yard. Chyna is definitely a people-dog. ... She loves to play ball, but would rather play tug o'war with the ball than give it up. ... She would be a great housedog." (Sarah Reed/Democrat-News)

Contact Marshall Animal Shelter at 660-831-0420 for more information on adoption.

Contact Sarah Reed at

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