Show-Me-Select heifers sell well

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Show-Me-Select Heifer Sale Review- 2011

Location Number per sale Average Heifer Price

Carthage 245 $1433

Kingsville 197 $1670

Fruitland 127 $1716

Palmyra 255 $2012

Statewide 824 $1712

Carthage had the lowest average statewide, which can be directly attributed to the drought that persisted in southern Missouri.

Producers were worried about their hay supplies this winter, which led to weaker heifer prices. The heifers were also smaller, carried less body condition, had a lower percentage of heifers that were artificially inseminated and were not as "pretty" as heifers at the other sales.

As you can see, the Show-Me-Select heifers did well statewide, especially Palmyra, where a participating producer from Carroll County received over $1800 on average for his SMS heifers. Participants of the SMS program are not required to go through a SMS sanctioned sale and can sell their heifers off their farms (or keep them), as long as they work with their Extension Livestock Specialist and veterinarian to make sure the requirements and data are heeded.

For more information about the SMS program contact your local extension office.