End Rows for Oct. 25

Monday, October 24, 2011

FSA will accept applications for 2010 crop losses from November 14, 2011 through June 1, 2012.

Supplemental Revenue Assistance (SURE) Program provides assistance to producers who have suffered an overall revenue loss due to disaster conditions.

Why are we just now looking at losses for 2010 crop?

--Because calculations for the SURE program include the national average market price for each crop, applications for SURE are not processed until the crop marketing year has ended the following fall.

--Accordingly, SURE payments for 2011 crops will not be available until the fall/winter of 2012.

To be eligible, participants must have:

--had crop insurance or NAP coverage on all economically significant crops in their operation;

--experienced an overall revenue loss on their farm (the SURE program defines a farm as all crops in all counties a producer has an interest in);

--experienced a minimum production loss of either:

--50% on a crop of economic significance, or

--10% on a crop of economic significance if they farm in a county which has received a Secretarial disaster declaration.

--All counties in our area received either a primary or contiguous Secretarial designation in 2010.

Producers whose average adjusted gross NONFARM income exceeded $500,000 (years 2006, 2007, and 2008) are not eligible for SURE payments.

Again, sign-up is scheduled to begin November 14.

CRP clean-up

We don't know if or when the next CRP General Sign Up period will be announced.

But for those who have contracts that are scheduled to expire in September of 2012, now is the time to start thinking about addressing any compliance issues.

Acres are eligible for CRP enrollment only if they are considered to be cropland acres at the time of the offer.

To be considered as cropland the acreage must be clear of trees and brush.

Therefore, if you have CRP contracts expiring September, 2012, there is plenty of time to clean up the acreage before a General CRP sign up period is announced.

Also look for any erosion problems on CRP acres because that can also cause an eligibility issue if re-enrolling in CRP.

Noxious weeds should also be addressed.

Last year, the State FSA Committee allowed some additional time in certain circumstances to address compliance issues.

There is no guarantee that will occur again.

So take a look at your CRP acres now and address any issues you have.