Sweet Springs FFA holds annual banquet

Thursday, May 5, 2011
Star Award winners were: Taylor Loges, Star Chapter Farmer; Colby Dohrman, Star Chapter in Placement and Kati Viets, Star Greenhand.

Over 200 people attended the Sweet Springs FFA banquet honoring the accomplishments of chapter members who have helped contribute to the chapter's standing as the Missouri's top FFA for four years running.

Former chapter member Rachel Thornton, who just finished up a year as a state FFA vice-president, was the featured speaker of the event.

She used her own Sweet Springs FFA jacket as a prop, telling the members that the jacket told who she is, what she has accomplished in FFA and where she was from. However, she told the students nowhere on their jackets does it say where they are headed.

Over $4,000 worth of scholarships were presented to Sweet Springs seniors at the chapter's annual FFA banquet. Those recieving scholarships were Kyle Fuehring, Matt Vogelsmeier, Shelby Hayworth, Taylor Loges, Mollie Simmons and Scott Thomas.

"It doesn't say the accomplishments that you can have in the future or where you are going," she said. "Next year is a whole new season for you guys and it is up to you to make the decision where you are headed. It is up to you to work harder to have bigger and better accomplishments."

During the evening several awards were presented:

Senior Taylor Loges was awarded the DeKalb Award, sponsored by Monsanto Company. The purpose of the award is to recognize the senior student who best combines excellence in scholarship, leadership and SAE projects.

Sweet Springs FFA officer team for 2011-12.

The Star Awards, given to recognize the outstanding first year member and upperclassmen who have excelled in the classrom, SAE projects and activities, were also announced.

The Star Greenhand was given to freshman Kati Viets; Star Chapter in Placement was presented to Colby Dohrman and the Star Chapter Farmer was awarded to Taylor Loges.

Several seniors were honored with scholarships:

Taylor Loges, was given the Steven Trautman Memorial FFA Scholarship, $500; Houston Mull Memorial FFA Scholarship, $500 and the Bill Gwaltney Memorial FFA Scholarship, $150.

Matt Vogelsmeier was awarded the Forest Dohrman Memorial FFA Scholarship, $250; Wilbur Scott Jr. Memorial FFA Scholarship, $250 and the Houston Mull Memorial Scholarship, $500.

Kyle Fuehring was presented with the Friends of the FFA Scholarship, $250; Russell and Barbara Sims Family FFA Scholarship, $250; and the Houston Mull Memorial FFA Scholarship, $500.

Shelby Hayworth was presented the Mrs. Ruth Hermerding Memorial FFA Scholarship, $250.

Mollie Simons won the Mrs. Helen Gibson Memorial FFA Scholarship, $250.

Scott Thomas was presented the Houston Mull Memorial FFA Scholarship, $500.

Freshman Heath Snider, who won the area, district and state Creed Speaking Contests and will compete in the National FFA Convention this fall, was given a standing ovation by his fellow FFA members when he was honored for his accomplishments. Later he presented the FFA Creed for the audience.

The Friends of the FFA also held a raffle drawing for a $500 prize, which went to J.R. Reid and two $250 cash prizes that went to Don Boland and Brian Treece.

Ryan Sims announced the two students the group would be sending to the Washington Leadership Conference this year are: Lauren Fuehring and Erin Harrell.

Several members were honored with proficiency awards. They were:

Ag Mechanics Energy Systems: Tyler Dohrman; Ag Mechanics Repair and Maintenance - Tyler Dohrman; Agriculture Sales - Hope Heaper; Agricultural Services - Levi Smith; Beef Ownership - Colby Dohrman; Beef Production Placement - Spencer Thomas; Diversified Horticulture - Hope Heaper; Diversified Livestock Entrepreneurship - Taylor Loges; Diversified Livestock Production Placement - Colby Dohrman; Equine Ownership - Taylor Loges; Equine Science Placement - Sarah Thomas; Floriculture Placement - Mollie Simmons; Floriculture Entrepreneurship - Hope Heaper; Fruit Production - Colby Dohrman; Grain Production Placement - Matt Vogelsmeier; Home and Community Development - Kaitlyn Fuehring; Outdoor Recreation - Taylor Loges; Poultry Production, Levi Smith; Small Animal Production - Lauren Fuehring; Swine Production Entrepreneurship - Kyle Fuehring Swine Production Placement - Colby Dohrman; Turfgrass Management Ownership - Derrick Nelson; Turfgrass Placement - Erin Harrell; Vegetable Production - Hope Heaper; Wildlife Production and Management - Derick Appleberry.

The chapter sold over $20,000 worth of fruit, cheese and popcorn in their only fund raiser the year.

Kyle Evans was the top salesperson, selling over $1,000 worth of items. Other students selling over $500 worth were: Kaleb Dillon; Rebecca Tyler; Colby Dohrman; Lauren Fuehring; Austin Hemme and Levi Smith.

Sweet Springs was the only chapter out of 19 area chapters and one of only two chapters in the 66 in the district to participate in every single event.

The students participating in each event were presented certificates during the banquet. They were

Agronomy- 16th at district - Trent Charles, Andrew Litton, Ashton Reynolds, Brittany Higgins.

Ag Mechanics - 8th at district, group 3 at state- Bryan Catron, David Hall, Scotty Thomas, Matt Vogelsmeier.

Ag Sales - 4th at district - 7th at state: Colby Dohrman, group I at state; Kyle Fuehring; Hope Heaper, group I at state and Taylor Loges.

Dairy Cattle - 28th at district - Christina Higgins, Ashtin Hunter, Jayson Scarborough, Kayli Schleicher.

Dairy Foods - 25th at district - Jeffery Dierker, Alex Harrington, Brooke Schleicher, Brooke Vaught.

Entomology - 14th at district - Erin Harrell, Chelsea Hollrah, Mike Melies, Sarah Thomas.

Farm Management - 5th at district , 30th at state - Ashley DelRosario, Colby Dohrman, Abby Markes, Patrick White.

Forestry - 13th at district - Austin Hemme, Cole Nowland, Zane Snider, Christian Stetzenback.

Floriculture - 8th at district, group 3 at state - Breanna Bright, Shelby Hayworth, Taylor Loges and Patricia Robb.

Horse judging - 33rd at district - Madison Merrill, Emily Simmons, Jacob Schowengerdt, Nathan Vogelsmeier.

Livestock judging, 35th at district - Taylor Hall, Mason Partin, Tori Schleicher, Brittany Simmons.

Meats Team - 30th at district - Keegan Fiedler, Jeffery Hall, Mollie Simmons, Katie Viets.

Nursery and Landscape - 14th at district - Jessica Davis, Mikaela Lea, Jessica Smith, Danielle Winfrey.

Poultry - 11th at district - Nathan Belden, Eddie Bodine, Daniel Hatch, Alex Minkler.

Soils - 7th at district, group 3 at state, Shelby Hall, Stephanie Minkler, Ashlyn Schlatweiler, Spencer Thomas.

FFA Contests:

Incomplete Production Recordbook - silver (6th) at area, Jason Schowengerdt.

Incomplete Placement Recordbook - gold (2nd) at area, Lizzie Gieseke.

Completed Production Recordbook - silver at area, Colby Dohrman.

Completed Placement Recordbook - silver at area, Levi Smith.

Reporter's Scrapbook, 3rd at area, Erin Harrell, Rebecca Tyler, Mikalah Vogelsmeier.

Treasurer's Book, 1st at area, gold at state, Patricia Robb, Levi Smith.

Secretary's Book, gold, 1st at area, gold at state, Hope Heaper, Breanna Bright.

Division I Public Speaking, 1st at area, 6th at district, Kati Viets.

Division II Public Speaking, silver at area, Erin Harrell, Rebecca Tyler, Mikalah Vogelsmeier.

Treasurer's Book, 1st at area, gold at state, Patricia Robb and Levi Smith;

Secretary's Book, gold, 1st at area, gold at state, Hope Heaper and Breanna Bright.

Division I Public Speaking, 1st at area, sixth at district, Kati Viets.

Division II Public Speaking, silver at area, Erin Harrell.

Advanced Public Speaking, gold at area, alternate to districts - Mollie Simmons.

Extemporaneous Public Speaking, bronze at area, Erin Smith.

FFA Knowledge, 1st at area, 2nd at districts, group 2 at state, Colten Bynum, Lizzie Gieseke, Kelly Griffitt, Zach Weber, group I individual at state.

Parliamentary Procedure - 1st at area, 3rd at district, group 2 at state, Levi Smith, Kaitlyn Fuehring, Lauren Fuehring, Adam Ownby, Becca Schleicher, Mikalah Vogelsmeier, alternates Rebecca Tyler and Colby Dohrman.

Ag Issues, 3rd at districts, group 2 at state, Drake Goode, Alexis Eckhoff, Joshua Weber, Derrick Nelson, Kyle Evans.

Job Interview - silver at area, Taylor Loges.

State FFA Choir, Mikaela Lea.

Sweet Springs had two students receive the American FFA degree in Indianapolis last fall. Morgan Fuehring and Mallory Meyer were the 55th and 56th Sweet Springs students to win the award in the chapter's history.

State Degree winners were also awarded. They were: Matt Vogelsmeier, Kyle Fuehring, Mollie Simmons and Taylor Loges. There parents were also given Honorary FFA degrees.

Certificates of Appreciation were presented to South Fork Farms, The Cheese Store, Saline Vault Company, Kristen Niemeyer, Barry Guier, Bernard Lumber, Tom Fenner of Marshall and Fenner Farms, The Sweet Springs Herald, KMMO - Brian Sowers and the Marshall Democrat-News.

Towards the end of the banquet, the new officers were installed. They are Lauren Fuehring, president; Colby Dohrman, 1st vice-president; Hope Heaper, 2nd vice-president; Levi Smith, junior advisor; Mikalah Vogelsmeier, secretary; Lizzie Gieseke, assistant secretary; Kaitlyn Fuehring, treasurer, Colten Bynum, assistant treasurer; Kati Viets, reporter; Erin Harrell, assistant reporter, Ashley del Rosario, sentinel; Heath Snider, parliamentarian; Rebecca Tyler, chaplain and Zach Weber, historian.

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