Plenty of anhydrous expected this spring

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Last spring tempers flared and long lines persisted as farmers across the entire corn belt were scrambling to put on anhydrous ammonia in a nation-wide late corn planting season.

Although, it looks like another late spring for Saline County, Gabe Ramsey, sales manager at Central Missouri Agri-Service in Marshall said he doesn't think the same problems will happen this year as more anhydrous was put on last fall in the area and across the corn belt.

He does expect some temporary delays as always, because of distribution problems, as local storage tanks can only hold so much anhydrous. In good weather, area farmers can use that supply quickly, so temporary shutdowns are often necessary until the next truck or train can come in to fill tanks.

Availability of other fertilizers is also not expected to be an issue this spring, said Ramsey. In addition, to that, prices should be stable through spring.

"We can get blindsided, but we don't anticipate anymore price raises than what we already have," he said.

There have been small increases in fertilizer prices since last fall, he said.

"It's a little higher than last fall but not a lot," he said.

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