Slater FFA does well in contests

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Slater FFA members have been busy competing in CDE (Career Development Event) contests, preparing for area, district and state competition.

Senior Chris Borgman will compete for Star State Placement Award, while Shayanne Sellers and Kaylee McEachern made the State FFA Chorus.

At the Marshall FFA Alumni Contest Day held on March 16, the meats team was first out of 17 teams. Libby Owens was second out of 58 students, also on the team and their placing was Kaylee McEachern, 6th, Jacob Reeter, 8th and Sara Reynolds, 10th.

Nursery took 4th place: Madison Miller, 3rd out of 24; Mary Boston, 8th; Hunter Miller, 10th and Doran Vaillancourt, 16th.

Soils, 4th place team; Darren Hinnah, 12th; Dylan Smith, 14th; Kurt Taylor, 16th and Jacob Brumit, 18th.

Livestock, 5th place team; Chris Borgman, 9th out of 73 students; Dylan Jewell, 14th; Travis Holt, 23rd.

Forestry, 6th place team; Briar Young, 9th out of 47 students; Ethan Owens, 23rd.

Ag Mech, was 7th out of 20 teams; Horticulture, 14th out of 23 teams; Poultry, 10th out of 18 teams and Knowledge, 7th out of 15 teams.

At the Brunswick Contest, the livestock team was second out of 47 teams. Saria Leimkuehler was 3rd out of 243 students; Dylan Jewell, 4th; Travis Holt, 13th and Chris Borgman, 17th.

The meats team was second out of 42 teams; Jacob Reeter, 3rd out of 168 students; Kaylee McEacher, 4th; Libby Owens, 5th and Isabella Haushahn, 12th.

Soils was 9th out of 38 teams, poultry was 19th out of 40 teams; knowledge was 29th out of 44 teames and forestry was 27th out of 37 teams.

At the Eldon Contest, the livestock team was 2nd out of 17; Casey Short, 8th out of 53 students; Chirs Borgman, 9th; Saria Leimkuehler, 14th.

The meats team was fourth out of 18 teams: Jacob Reeter placed 11th out of 58 students; Liz Owens, 12th; Kaylee McEachern, 15th and Isabella Haushahn, 22nd.

At the Lincoln University Contest Day in Jefferson City, livestock took second out of 21 teams; Travis Holt, 4th out of 64 students; Dylan Jewell, 10th and Casey Short, 15th.

Soils was 2nd out of 15 teams; Trent Lewellen, 6th out of 48 students; Ivory Dobbins, 10th; Kurt Taylor, 15th; Dylan Smith, 17th.

Meats was 3rd out of 17 teams; Jacob Reeter, 9th out of 73 students; Libby Owens, 11th; Kaylee McEachern, 14th; Sara Reynold, 17th; Poultry was 12th out of 18th teams; Nursery Landscape, 6th out of 8 teams and Dairy Foods, 11th out of 18 teams.