Sweet Springs school board approves district report card

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Sweet Springs Board of Education voted Thursday, Feb. 17, to accept the Missouri Department of Education's annual report card for the district.

Superintendent Donna Wright said the report card has at least one inaccuracy.

"The class size is not correct," Wright said. "We did not go from 15 to 32 to 15."

In other metrics Sweet Springs performs at or better than the Missouri average. For attendance, Sweet Springs reports a 95.7 percent rate, compared with a 94.2 percent rate for all of Missouri's schools.

One trend the report disclosed is the climbing number of students in poverty. In 2010, Sweet Springs had the largest number of students eligible for free or reduced lunches for the entire five-year span the report covers. The report shows that 233 students were eligible for free or reduced lunches in 2010, or 53.6 percent of the student body. In contrast, the State of Missouri had 46.9 percent of all of Missouri's students eligible for free or reduced lunches.

The Sweet Springs graduation rate for 2010 was 95 percent, well above Missouri's 85 percent rate.

The report card is available at: http://dese.mo.gov/planning/profile/arsd097131.html.

In other business, the board approved the senior trip to Key West, Fla., and a bid of $17,489.04 to complete the lighting change in the main gym.

The students going to Key West will be joined by parents Robert Fuehring, Dana Fuehring, Russell Hayworth, Kandy Hayworth, Jay Vogels-meier and Amy Vogelsmeier.

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