End Rows for Feb. 8, 2011

Monday, February 7, 2011

Disaster assistance for livestock


FSA programs may be available to assist livestock producers dealing with recent weather events.

The Livestock Indemnity Program (LIP) helps producers recover from livestock deaths beyond normal mortality rates that are caused by adverse weather.

To gain assistance from LIP, livestock producers need to document the number and kind of livestock that have died as a direct result of adverse weather and timely notify their local FSA office within 30 calendar days from when the loss is apparent by submitting a notice of loss.

The producer must have legally owned the eligible livestock on the day the livestock died.

Supporting documentation is helpful; such as a statement from a vet regarding the cause of death, and photographs of the deceased animals.


FSA has announced a General CRP sign-up will run from March 14th through April 15th.

-- Those interested should keep in mind that land offered for CRP must be physically capable of being farmed at the time the offer is made.

--This means that fields with trees will not be eligible unless they are currently enrolled in a CRP tree practice scheduled to expire in September.

--While we cannot accept an offer until March 14th, we would be happy to visit with anyone interested in the sign-up to review basic eligibility and options that may be available.

Burning for mid-contract management:

--CRP contracts enrolled since 2003 are required to complete mid-contract management activities. Burning is one option available.

--The Missouri Department of Conservation will be holding a burn workshop, which may be of interest to CRP participants who would like to burn CRP as their mid-contract management.

--Remember that burning may only be done as part of Mid-contract management as specified by your CRP contract's conservation plan. Otherwise you must obtain permission from the FSA County Committee.

Prescribed burn workshop for landowners

The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) and Saline County NRCS invites landowners to a free Prescribed Burn Workshop on Friday, March 4, at the Blind Pony Conservation Area Shop.

The workshop starts at 9 AM and weather permitting, will conclude with a demonstration burn after lunch ending around 3:30. Otherwise, the workshop will end at noon.

Topics covered during the workshop include proper methods and techniques used for implementing control burns, burn equipment and how it is used, and developing burn plans.

If you are interested in attending, call Seth Barrioz at 660-886-7447, ext 112 OR Steven Noll at 660-248-3358, ext 119 to register by March 1.

A brown bag lunch will be provided for registered participants.