Community development numbers low in December, resident asks for public disturbance help

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The month of December produced 25 building permits, according to the Community Development and Code Committee.

Permits totaled $217,957 in construction value for Marshall, which led to $726 in permit fees. The committee reported that 24 percent of the total went toward additions in businesses, 46 percent was to pay for residential, and 30 percent went toward additions and repairs to residential properties.

In other business, the city recycled 871.99 total tons of paper in 2010 with a tipping fee of $10,545 for the year. There were 68 tons of paper recycled in December. January, October and November also reflect recycling amounts between 62-67 tons. More than 72 tons were recycled each remaining month of the year.

Ken Bryant was also appointed to the utility board. City Administrator Connie Latimer said Bryant will replace Mike Mills, whose term expired in December.

Marshall Memorial Airport had 88 total aircraft on the runway this past December, bringing the total for 2010 to 3,780. This number is down from the 4,093 aircraft seen in 2009.

According to Marshall resident David Kemm, Marshall police officers respond to calls at Deer Creek Apartments on a regular basis because of suspected illegal activity occurring at all hours. Kemm addressed city council members during their meeting Monday, Jan. 4, asking for guidance due to peace disturbances in his neighborhood.

Mayor Pro Tem Ronald Duvall suggested that the point of contact should be the managers then owners of the apartment complex.

According to Kemm, his apartment manager reportedly stated she was tired of being a babysitter to her tenants. Kemm thanked the police department for their time and efforts and stated he was concerned for the well-being of older residents in the apartment complex.

Mayor Pro Tem Ronald Duvall, Assistant Administrator Connie Latimer, and council members Sheila Cook, Barbara Utlaut, Vince Lutterbie, Gabe Ramsey, Dan Brandt and Sam Moten were present.

The next regular meeting has been rescheduled to 5:15 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 18.

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