Slater FFA members do well at MO state fair

Wednesday, September 8, 2010
Slater FFA member Elizabeth Owens won several awards with her chickens at the Missouri State Fair.

Dylan Smith once again exhibited the Grand Champion Jar of Honey in the FFA division at the Missouri State Fair on August 12-22.

Dylan works with his father and uncle for Smith's Construction where they produce and sell numerous jars of honey each summer and he has reaped the benefits of it quality the last two summers at the Missouri State Fair.

Along with Dylan a number of other students exhibited projects in the FFA building at the State Fair. Kurt Taylor, Doran Vaillancourt, and the Slater FFA Chapter all exhibited Fruits and Vegetable projects. Exhibiting field crops were the Slater FFA Chapter, Chris Borgman, and John Parker. Floricultural projects were shown by Slater FFA, Madison Miller, and Drew Weiker. The final type of projects shown in the FFA building were Ag Mechanic projects exhibited by Tyler Buglovsky, Mike Brown, Steven Clayton, Isabella Haunshahn, Trent Lewellen, Kaylee McEachern, Madison Miller, Libby Owens, John Parker, Doran Vaillancourt, Jacob Reeter, Sara Reynolds, Ivory Dobbins, Casey Short, Dylan Smith and Drew Weiker.

Dylan Smith of Slater FFA had the award winning honey at the Missouri State Fair.

The only two exhibitors showing livestock at this year's fair were Libby Owens, and Olivia Knox.

Libby showed a number of different types of chickens and poultry animals. She placed well with all her animals and received the best in breed with two different chickens.

Olivia exhibited two market lambs and places well in both classes. The chapter is proud of it members and accomplishment and hope to continue to have a number of students exhibit at fairs throughout next summer.

Slater FFA member Olivia Knox showed sheep at the Missouri State Fair Aug. 12-22.

--Submitted by Slater FFA