Patrol car puts Sweet Springs Board of Aldermen in stalemate

Monday, July 12, 2010

In its meeting Monday, July 12, the Board of Aldermen were cautious with proceeding.

The police department received a bid from OMB Express for a patrol car that would cost $2500 to keep in running condition.

OMB offered $1200 worth of credit in exchange for the vehicle, which could be used for the department to purchase merchandise. Already, a main computer at the department is down, requiring the hard drive to be transferred into another machine.

Mayor Raymond Kinney and several aldermen are interested, but also curious about any legalities involved, as well as interested in determining whether putting the vehicle up for general sale would be more beneficial.

Alderman Michelle Schlichting motioned to accept the bid upon the approval of an attorney.

The motion died for lack of a second.

OMB's bid is good for 60 days and the board agreed to take it under consideration until the next meeting.

Other news discussed at the meeting included:

-a presentation from Air Evac Lifeteam representatives

-reports from the Public Works Department

More information to follow...

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