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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

2009 production required for ACRE participants

ACRE producers are reminded that actual farm production for their 2009 crops must be reported by July 31, 2010 on form FSA-658.

If the FSA-658 form is not filed, all of the participants on that farm will be required to refund their 2009 Direct Payments and any earned ACRE payments will be forfeited.

ACRE producers also need to report their 2004 through 2008 actual farm production so that their farm's benchmark yields can be established.

If they do not have production for all five years, plug yields can be used to fill in the gaps for 2004 through 2008.

Actual farm production includes all of a farm's harvested and appraised production, including grazed acres, of a covered commodity on a farm.

Farm production can be reported the same time you report your 2010 planted acres.

Crop reporting deadlines

All planted wheat and other small grains must be reported by June 30, 2010.

If you are not finished planting, any wheat acres should still be reported by June 30. Otherwise, you will be charged a late-filing fee of $46.00 per farm.

Corn, soybeans and all other land uses, including CRP, must be reported by July 31. All of the farm's cropland must be accounted for.

Note: CRP acreage reports must be signed by a producer that is on the CRP contract.

Saline County producers are encouraged to call 660-886-7447, extension 2 to get an appointment or make arrangements to get your planted acres reported.

Walk-ins are welcome if you don't mind a short wait.

Annual acreage reports are required for many of FSA's programs including DCP, CRP, ACRE, and commodity grain loans.

Banking changes

Almost all Farm Service Agency payments are made electronically using Direct Deposit.

This innovation has cut down on the number of missing and late payments and reduced the time required to move funds.

Another benefit is that Direct Deposit to your account can be made within 48 hours.

To keep the system running smoothly, it's critical to keep the county office staff up to date on changes you might make in your financial institutions.

If you have changed accounts or institutions that might affect the direct deposit of your FSA payments, contact the FSA county office so we can update our files to insure continued uninterrupted service.

Nomination forms available at FSA offices

Nomination forms are available at FSA offices and online at www.fsa.usda.gov/elections for nominating a candidate for the County Committee.

Contact your FSA office to see which Local Administrative Area (LAA) is up for election.

In Saline County, this year's election is in LAA 3 (Blackwater, Elmwood, Liberty, and Salt Pond Townships) which is currently represented by Donald Boland.

Nominations must be received or postmarked by August 2, 2010.