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The big picture

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Recently I listened as the father of a son diagnosed with ADHD spoke proudly of the way his son described what the father thought was a bad situation.

The father and son had somehow landed tickets to a Super Bowl game (the one between the Rams and Titans -- maybe the best Super Bowl ever!). When they got to their seats -- three rows from the top of the stadium and in the end zone -- that father was almost furious. He thought he had purchased better seats.

About the time dad was about to explode with anger, the son made a statement that literally changed his father's life.

"These seats are great!" he screamed. "We can see what the blimp sees!"

The father's anger melted in the warmth of his son's ability to find something good in what appeared to be a bad situation. The son was able to see the big picture.

I think we -- many times -- find ourselves getting angry or depressed or bent out of shape because we are too close to the details of the moment.

We pay great sums of hard earned cash for an opportunity to share a great experience with our kids or friends. We huff and puff to get to our seats, only to find they are not situated quite to our liking -- too high in the stands or too far away from the action or on the wrong side of the field, opposite that of our home team.

We invest in an automobile or a home only to find out later that the resale market for those items is not what it once was.

We get bogged down in the details of special family events such as weddings or reunions or birthday parties and miss the fun and fellowship they were supposed to foster.

We worry about our next paycheck or our next meal or our next job. We worry about our appearance or our weight or our facial blemishes.

We worry about our kids and how they might turn out. Will they be successful or will they struggle through life? Will they have more than we had? Will they appreciate the life they've been given? We worry about what kind of legacy we may leave.

Oh that we might be able to see what the blimp sees!

Or what God sees.

The Creator sees the Big Picture. He knows where our paths lead and where we fit in. He knows the outcome of our trial and error lives. He sees far down the road we are walking. He guides our footsteps -- if we let Him. He knows our hearts -- even better than we do.

We sweat the details.

God sees what the blimp sees. And even more.

Editor's note: Starting next week, "The Shepherd's Heart" will go on hiatus. Bob Stewart is running for Saline County Presiding Commissioner, and while we greatly value his weekly musings, filled as they are with good sense, wisdom, inspiration and humor, we wish to remain impartial in the election and fair to all candidates.

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