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New Year's Resolution?

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tomorrow is New Year's Day 2010. I guess that means I should be writing about the year that was, or the year to come, or about resolutions we make and never keep.

Well, I have to confess that I have no crystal ball when it comes to what 2010 may hold. I know what I'd like to see, but that's just me. My prayer is that everyone will have a better year in 2010 than they had in 2009, even if they had a good 2009.

As for the year that was, the Internet news folks are quick to point out that 2009 was a bit of a topsy-turvy year. If you think about it, it has been a weird year.

For instance, we saw a man who made his fortune swinging a golf club get beat up with one of his own golf clubs. We saw a man who won the Nobel Peace Prize turn around and send 30,000 additional troops to a combat zone. The IRS was led by a man who reportedly didn't pay his taxes. In New York City, an airline pilot became a hero for sailing in the Hudson River instead of flying over it. And Wall Street turned toward Socialism by accepting government bailouts while China embraced Capitalism, lending mountains of money to the United States.

Without question, it was a year of craziness on both the national and international stage.

The Internet news hubs also are filled with lists of those somewhat famous (or infamous) folks who passed from this life to another during the past year. There were many -- actors, dancers, singers, newscasters and news hour producers, authors and poets, columnists and publishers, sports stars and artists, and some very veteran politicians.

Most notable among the names usually listed are:

Politics and government: Senator Edward M. Kennedy, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, Jack Kemp, Robert McNamara, Jody Powell, and writer/pundits William Safire and Robert Novak.

The arts: painter Andrew Wyeth and novelist John Updike.

Broadcast journalism: Walter Cronkite and Don Hewitt.

Television personalities: Ed McMahon, Billy Mays and Soupy Sales.

Actors and actresses: Bea Arthur, Farrah Fawcett, Ricardo Montalban, Natasha Richardson, James Whitmore, Dom DeLuise, David Carradine, Karl Malden and Patrick Swayze.

Musicians and singers: Mary Travers, Les Paul and Michael Jackson.

Sports: Steve McNair.

We also lost one of our most familiar and comforting voices with the February 2009 death of radio talk pioneer Paul Harvey, and in December we heard the news of the passing of a pioneer of radio and television based evangelism -- Oral Roberts.

Sorry to say, as the year came to an end and the folks in our nation's capitol tried to get health care legislation passed prior to Christmas Eve, we witnessed the kind of deals previously done behind closed doors and in back room political huddles. Votes were "purchased" to make sure the Senate bill passed. And it was all done right out in public -- for all to see. I guess this is the new "transparency" we've been hearing so much about.

No matter what you call it, the nation's leaders have apparently risen to a new high (or low) when it comes to ignoring the will of the people who elect them. When we get together in the public square (which is a right accorded us under the Constitution), we're spoken ill of by the administration and the main stream media.

It may be time for the citizens of these United States to stand up for what we believe and to insist the folks in Washington pay attention to what we have to say.

For 2010, instead of a New Year's Resolution, maybe we need a New Year's Revolution.

I'm just saying ...

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BOB G. STEWART, Columnist
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