Cause of power outage Wednesday currently unknown

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Power was out on the north side of Marshall for about an hour last night, Wednesday, May 20, and authorities don't quite know why.

Marshall Municipal Utilities General Manager Kyle Gibbs said that according to MMU's instruments, two electrical wires were touching, causing one of the main breakers to open up.

But when crews went to investigate, they found nothing that would have caused the breaker to open, said Gibbs.

"It took longer to get peoples' power back on because we didn't find any problem," he said.

The problem could have been a variety of things, Gibbs said, including faulty equipment or interference by an animal.

"It could have been somebody hit a pole and shook it, and we'll never find the problem."

But, when MMU personnel energized the opened breaker, the power went back on for affected areas.

Crews are continuing to investigate the issue today.

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