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The Shepherd's Heart: Opportunities for distraction

Thursday, October 23, 2008


That's what we need these days: A little distraction.

What with all the bad news coming from Wall Street and Main Street, from D.C., and from election boards across the nation. Even the local airwaves are flooded with campaign ads and other bits of misinformation.

I know the weather's changing (getting wetter and cooler) but I think we all need to go camping. Maybe toss a spinner-bait past a flooded snag and wait to see if that bass that's feeding up for winter take a swipe.

Or maybe it's time to get out in the fields and woods with a rifle or shotgun to see what wildlife we might find to fill the freezer for the coming winter.

That's what I like about autumn. It's just filled with opportunities for distraction.

One evening last week my youngest and I were out walking in the field near where we will hunt for deer on opening day of the coming season. After checking the area for fresh tracks and other signs that deer were still using the area as a traffic route, we started back to the truck.

Clouds had rolled in that afternoon, and to the west the back edge of the overcast was visible. As we climbed the hill we noticed, above the western horizon, a thin slice of bright orange emerging from below the cloud cover.

Within moments, the band had widened and we could see the bright orange sphere of the sun standing on the distant treetops, seemingly trapped between the clouds and the edge of the earth.

We stood there together, neither of us wanting to spoil the experience. Then I handed Jordan my cell phone. He snapped off a picture of that amazing sunset and saved it as the background on the screen.

The picture is nice. It will be a reminder of an experience shared with the young man my son is quickly becoming.

From such memories and experiences we do not need nor seek distraction. Neither do we classify such times as times of distraction. They are much more than that. They may occur during excursions designed to take our minds off the circumstances and pressures of daily life, but they are much more than mere distraction.

And isn't God good that way? As we muddle through life, trying our best to find the good in everyday life, doing our darnedest to make sure we find something good to pass on to our children and to show others along the way, as we seek distraction from the worries and woes of this world -- God gives us a precious moment to savor and grab hold of when the pressures get too much and we feel ground down and worn slick.

These are the moments that matter.

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BOB G. STEWART, Columnist
The Shepherd's Heart